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The Book of Judith

Judith Tannenbaum was a poet, writer, and beloved educator, a mentor, friend, and mother. She was the heart behind the Prison Arts Collective and a source of deep inspiration for many. Now two years after her passing, friends and relatives honor her legacy with a collection of personal writing that reflects, reminisces, and meditates on …

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Mr. Crew Cut: An Angel Among Monsters

Guest Contributor: Leo Cardez There is nothing exactly like living in Hell, but there is something close to it. In my Hell, where I lived for most of 2013, there is, as Dante understood, no hope. You wake up every morning realizing that your nightmare will continue into your waking hours. The loss you have …

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Artist Spotlight: Will Livingston

Recently, JAC got the chance to speak with Will Livingston, artist, member of JAC’s network, and author of Live from the Cell Block: Will Livingston and His Silk Screen Machine. Live from the Cell Block is a collection of Will’s screen printed concert posters. In partnership with Justice Arts Coalition and Brick of Gold Publishing, …

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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Brian Daldorph

By Clare Walker, JAC Intern Recently, JAC had the chance to speak with Brian Daldorph, poet, teacher, and author of six books of poetry including his most recent: Words is a Powerful Thing. Brian is a creative writing instructor at the University of Kansas and at the Douglas County Jail in Lawrence. He first entered …

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Guest Contributor: Obie Weathers “When I came to prison I was quite inarticulate and made an oath to myself that I wouldn’t ever again allow someone else to tell my story. I would be the one from here on out telling it.” – excerpt from Obie Weathers Artist Statement Pieces I For the first half …

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Gary Harrell Artist Spotlight

Gary Harrell is a JAC network artist, formerly incarcerated artist, and co-founder of Shower Works, a non-profit based in California which aims to bring free, warm showers to the unhoused community of Sacramento, CA. Recently, JAC got the chance to speak with Gary about his work, art, and life experience. Continue reading to learn more …

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Community. Creativity. Support. These were the three words most used by Justice Arts Coalition (JAC) team members when asked to describe JAC’s personality. And it was these three words which guided the process of redesigning JAC’s logo from start to finish. Many revisions were made throughout this process, but at the heart of each was …

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Artist (Collaboration) Spotlight: Spoon Jackson and SaraMarie Bottaro

By Clare Walker, JAC Intern Recently, JAC had the opportunity to talk with JAC network artist Spoon Jackson and artist SaraMarie Bottaro. Over the past year, the two artists have formed a friendship and collaborative partnership despite the physical distance that exists between them. The following is an artist spotlight conducted in conversation with each …

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