Calls for Submissions

Click here for a list of publications accepting submissions from incarcerated people.

Iron City Magazine


Iron City Magazine is accepting submissions of art, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, one-act plays, cartons/comics/graphic stories from currently/formerly incarcerated persons for issue 7 of their magazine. 

Current/former prison volunteers, family and friends of incarcerated persons, and current/former prison staff should submit only work on memories, perspectives, or insights related to mass incarceration. 


Iron City is accepting both electronic and mail-in submissions as well as both typed and handwritten work. There is no submission fee. For more information on how to apply, click here. 


Copley Society of Art


Art assists people in seeing the world through multiple perspectives, celebrating diverse visual representations, and embracing the power of discovery. Artists are encouraged to submit artwork that is reflective of their community as it celebrates the people and cultures among us.

We invite your entries and interpretations and are looking for your best work in this theme to present a cohesive show in our Boston gallery July 14 – August 20, 2022. The show is open to all artists residing in the United States. Cash awards will be made. 


Click here for more information and to submit work. 


Call for Papers – Carceral Shakespeare

Shakespeare has been in American prisons over the last forty years, in arts programs and college in-prison classrooms. Even as the landscape of incarceration has shifted—from the War on Drugs to the Fair Sentencing Act, from prison reform to prison abolition—Shakespeare programs have endured. While attention to these programs often reduce them to methods of “reform” and “rehabilitation,” these narratives of redemption do not capture the complexity of what it means to engage with Shakespeare inside the carceral system.


This collection seeks diverse voices and perspectives on the impacts of encountering Shakespeare in prison. We invite work from currently and formerly incarcerated people, teachers, theater practitioners, and audience members. Co-authored writings and interviews are also welcome as this collection seeks to move beyond disciplinary and professional boundaries to create space for voices and perspectives not always represented in academic discourses. For more details on submission guidelines, view full pdf here.


Please send proposals of up to 500 words that describe the tactic, problem, discovery, or impact that your contribution will explore by June 15, 2022 to Liz Fox ( & Gina Hausknecht ( We welcome your questions about possible submissions.


New Call for Artists – Mourning Our Losses

We are excited to announce that Mourning Our Losses is hosting an art exhibition inside our Traveling Memorial. We want to include artwork created during COVID-19 by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated artists!

We invite incarcerated artists to submit visual works, including, but not limited to, drawings, paintings, and collages, in any art style (e.g. realism, impressionism, abstract, graffiti, pop art, etc.) for consideration. Works may be done in any medium and any size. We will also accept short poetry for hanging. All submitted pieces should respond to the theme: Captive Living and Dying With COVID-19.

Selection & Award

Roughly 20-30 works will be selected for the exhibition based on their artistic quality and relevance to the theme. Each artist will receive $100 for an exhibited piece. Awarded artists will also receive photographs of their works in the gallery. All artists will receive a “Letter of Receipt.” All submitted works will be recognized in an online gallery on the MOL website.

If you have any questions, please write to us at the submission address.


All submissions must be mailed to Michelle Daniel:

P.O. Box 88884, Indianapolis, IN 46208 and postmarked by May 1, 2022 for consideration.

All submissions must be accompanied by:

  1. brief introduction of the artist and the art piece and its connection to the theme
  2. instructions on how it should be assembled and/or hung (e.g. top?),
  3. completed and signed Gift & Release

Max of 2 submissions per artist (works with multiple parts will be considered as 1 submission).

For more information, click here to view the pdf of this call for artists. 


JAC is delighted to share calls for submission of art and writing with its network of incarcerated artists and writers. In order to facilitate the distribution of calls, we ask that the organization seeking submissions conform to the following guidelines:

  1. The call, including the instructions and application/agreement should, if at all possible, be limited to one page, and a maximum of two pages (total, one-sided).
  2. Copies sent to incarcerated artists and writers will be in black ink only (JAC is not able to send color copies).
  3. The call should allow incarcerated artists and writers to send hard copies of their artwork through the U.S. Postal Service and should accept handwritten work. A mailing address for submissions should be included.
  4. If there is a monetary award or compensation for participation, the form should include space for artists/writers to include the name and contact information of a designee outside of prison, if there is someone who they would like funds to be sent to on their behalf. It should also include space for artists/writers to provide information about how to send funds directly to them if that is their preference.
  5. The deadline for submissions should be no less than 8-10 weeks from the date the call is submitted to JAC.

Please email all calls for submission to Jayme Epstein,