Artist Spotlight: Izuo-Ere Digifa



Izuo-Ere “Mimi” Digifa found freedom through her writing, and because of the breadth of her experiences, she is devoted to rendering light, love and wisdom into the lives of others. At her young age, she has experienced immigration, imprisonment, isolation, betrayal, heartbreak, condemnation and love. She takes you on a journey and invites you to experience life with her in a land not her own, all by herself. She has creatively found an avenue to share love through her vulnerability, joy, pain, shame, strength, motivation and weakness. Those experiences are the labor pains, and now she has given birth. This book is her child…

“Izuo- is a combination of different themes of poetry. It is a collection of the totality of many human life experiences. It is an expression, through the art of writing, that is fueled by creativity and a passion for words. The rawness of these poems’ versatility is the art. Let my vulnerability give you strength.”

Originally from Nigeria, Mimi came to the United States via the Niger Delta Scholarship Award on a full study abroad scholarship from the Office of the President. Upon her arrival to the United States, she completed a Summer Bridge program at Northeastern University and then transferred to the University of Lynchburg where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Social Influence in the Spring of 2017. During her Bachelor of Arts, she worked at the Business Office Department as a student worker. The following semester she was accepted to the university’s Master of Arts Program in Nonprofit Leadership Studies, as she then worked as a student worker also, at the Physical Plants Department. In addition, Mimi was a member of the debate team as both an undergraduate and graduate student. She is currently a fellow at the Georgetown University Pivot Program which specializes in Business and Entrepreneurship. As she also hopes to start up various businesses.

The book is available on her website, along with complimentary merchandise. Izuo-Ere will also be participating in the JAC open mic night on Thursday August 6th at 8.p.m EDT.

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