What is the Justice Arts Coalition (JAC)?

The Justice Arts Coalition builds upon the Prison Arts Coalition website, established in 2008 by a group of veteran teaching artists, to serve as a network for those working at the intersection of the arts and justice. Through extensive outreach and organizing, the JAC provides support, information, and partnership opportunities. As an advisory body, the JAC provides ongoing, personalized guidance to people who are working to develop arts programs or looking to support incarcerated and formerly incarcerated artists. As a resource, the JAC compiles publications, artistic works, research, events, and job postings to share with the public. One of the JAC’s most notable resources is a list of arts programs in prisons, jails, youth detention centers, and reentry and diversion programs around the US, organized by state and region. As a coalition, the JAC brings together a consortium of artists, organizations, facilities, students, researchers, and advocates to build collaboration and strengthen partnership.  

How does it work?

This space serves as an online platform for the network of people making art in and around the US criminal justice system and those who are interested to learn more about this sector.  All visitors are encouraged to use this site as a resource and to contact the site manager for further support and guidance. 

Does the Justice Arts Coalition offer arts programs in prisons?

No. The Coalition serves as a national arts network within the US. Rather than delivering or organizing programs directly, we provide support, resources, information, and partnership opportunities for those active in programs around the country.

Does the Justice Arts Coalition provide information on programs in other countries?

As the JAC is focused on the US, this site does not currently provide information or resources about prison arts abroad. However, the JAC is connected to many allies abroad. Please contact the site managers to learn more about arts programs in justice systems abroad, or how you can find support if you are not based in the US.

How can I get involved?

1) Add your voice. Contact the site administrators to add an existing prison arts program to the list, to post an event,  job, or guest blog post, and to share a gallery image or resource.

2) Subscribe to the blog to receive new posts directly into your email inbox; simply click the ‘Sign Me Up!’ button on the right-hand sidebar of every page.

3) Follow the JAC on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

4) Sign up for the pARTner projecta collaborative effort between The Prison Arts Coalition and Prisoner Express that provides artists on the outside an opportunity to foster connection with artists in prison through letter correspondence and the exchange of creative works. 

5) And, as ever, anyone is welcome to contact the site administrators with questions and ideas about the development of, and involvement in, the Coalition.

6) Make a donation through our fiscal sponsor to support us in these early phases of our development into a 501c3 nonprofit.