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Amber Daniel

“A voice from inside… All my life I’ve been a drug addict, at least since I was 13 years old. What caused me to come down this life road?  IDOC # 101969 Inmate Daniel, I was supposed to be somebody special. Not some loser.  What makes me a loser? Societies views, and harsh opinions do…  …

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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Annie Buckley

We recently talked with Annie Buckley, our newest addition to the Teaching Artist Spotlight series. Annie Buckley is a professor and the director of the School of Art + Design at San Diego State University and the founding director of Prison Arts Collective (PAC), a project of Arts in Corrections, a partnership between the California …

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Artist Spotlight: Chad Merrill

By Joslyn Lapinski, JAC intern Chad Merrill’s story truly embodies the transformative power of the arts. When he was first incarcerated, Chad was on a path towards self-destruction. He barely cared about what happened to him or anyone else. He says, “I was so full of hate that I couldn’t see past my nose.” This …

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The Boy Who Only Wanted to be Loved

By John Zenc  “The drawing of the boy who only wanted to be loved is in memory of Timy, my best friend. Timy was born with no hands, and oversized eyes. Hazel in color. Looking in Timy’s eyes, you could see his soul, see the pain, the fear, the love. Timy would come to school, …

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Upcoming Exhibition: “Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration”

JAC is excited to announce the opening of MoMA’s PS1 “Marking Time: Art in the Age of Incarceration”, an exhibit running from September 17th, 2020 – April 4th, 2021. As described on the MoMA website, “this major exhibition explores the work of artists within US prisons and the centrality of incarceration to contemporary art and …

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By Christian Trigg In the early years of the New Millennium, I was watching a series about famous artists on the little black and white TV in my cell in the federal supermax courtesy of PBS. I don’t know if they even made black and white TVs. The ones issued to us were color TVs. …

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Guest Blog: Denise Shumway – The Ohio Prison Arts Connection (OPAC)

When the world closed, as some describe the widespread shutdown due to Covid 19, many of us with connections to Ohio’s prison system knew we couldn’t just sit back and hope for the best then wait to see our students on the other side of the pandemic. We considered our own lives in isolation. What …

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Guest Blog: Jameelah Lewis

Battle Ground by Jameelah Lewis Battle ground. My mom aint never raised no punk, so why would I run? I’m not afraid, I’m not scared. The subtle patterns of people running away to catch their breath. I’m not afraid, I’m not scared. As the smoke in the sky pollutes our lungs and steals our air. I’m …

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