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Guest Blog: Denise Shumway – The Ohio Prison Arts Connection (OPAC)

When the world closed, as some describe the widespread shutdown due to Covid 19, many of us with connections to Ohio’s prison system knew we couldn’t just sit back and hope for the best then wait to see our students on the other side of the pandemic. We considered our own lives in isolation. What …

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Guest Blog: Jameelah Lewis

Battle Ground by Jameelah Lewis Battle ground. My mom aint never raised no punk, so why would I run? I’m not afraid, I’m not scared. The subtle patterns of people running away to catch their breath. I’m not afraid, I’m not scared. As the smoke in the sky pollutes our lungs and steals our air. I’m …

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Teaching Artist Spotlight: William Head on Stage (WHoS)

We recently talked with Kathleen Greenfield (they/them, she/her), Kate Rubin (she/her), and Emma Zabloski (she/her), our newest additions to the Teaching Artist Spotlight series. In addition to their work with the Justice Arts Coalition, they are also teaching artists and theatrical collaborators with William Head on Stage (WHoS) at William Head Institution in Victoria, BC. William …

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Upcoming “Art Of Innocence” Event

On Friday, August 21st, at 6 PM EST, The People’s Forum will be hosting a virtual event entitled “Art of Innocence: The People’s Struggle To Abolish The Death Penalty” featuring poetry, live musical performances, a panel discussion as well as the artwork and story of Billie J. Allen, an artist currently incarcerated in Federal prison …

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The Other America

by Christian Trigg I rarely miss a dawn. I missed 20 years worth at the federal supermax so I have an outsized appreciation for all sorts of things many others take for granted. My cell window at the federal penitentiary in Beaumont, TX faces east. I watch the summer sun touch fire to the horizon …

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Guest post: Ronald McKeithen

Jefferson County Memorial Project by Ronald McKeithen When the realization of having to serve an agonizingly slow death sentence of life without the possibility of parole finally hit home, the pursuit of education became a mild sedative for hopelessness and despair, and the classroom a haven from the constant chaos of prison life.  Over the …

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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Anderson Smith

We recently talked with Anderson Smith, our newest addition to the Teaching Artist Spotlight series, and one of the newest members of the Justice Arts Coalition Board of Directors. Dr. Smith has a strong commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusion while supporting ways to question and change inequitable societal norms. Working with adults in and out …

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Artist Spotlight: Izuo-Ere Digifa

  Izuo-Ere “Mimi” Digifa found freedom through her writing, and because of the breadth of her experiences, she is devoted to rendering light, love and wisdom into the lives of others. At her young age, she has experienced immigration, imprisonment, isolation, betrayal, heartbreak, condemnation and love. She takes you on a journey and invites you …

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