Virtual Event 6/27: Refueling for Justice feat. “Art as Release” JAC Artist Panel!

The Justice Arts Coalition has been honored to collaborate on a panel within Refueling for Justice, an all-day, free virtual event for those in the movement for Black lives, highlighting Black artists, teachers, musicians, dancers, healers, speakers, and more.

From the Refueling for Justice website:

To win long-term, systemic change – we need to be able to go for the long haul.

Refueling for Justice is a free virtual event that creates a space where those who have been striving for justice can refuel. Where they can re-calibrate and join with others through life-uplifting activities and performances.

It’s like a relief station for justice marathoners!

We will stream a variety of Black-centered artists, performers, exercise experts, and practitioners of yoga and other practices.

No matter if you have been marching, writing, posting, simply surviving, or anything in between, we need you to be able to continue for the long haul to keep working to change our unjust justice system.

Refueling for Justice reached out to JAC to help put together a panel of returned artists, and we are so happy to highlight Kamisha Thomas, and Ray Palmore, and Khalid Thompson who will moderate the panel. Kamisha Thomas is a filmmaker, writer/director, and cofounder of the Returning Artists Guild, a network of currently and formerly incarcerated artists based in Columbus, Ohio. Ray Palmore is a self-taught visual artist, as is Khalid Thompson, who focuses on abstract work. Khalid led an amazing workshop called “Painting the Moment” with our Create+Connect series, and will be incorporating a shortened version of it into the panel this Saturday!

Join us at 1:30 pm for “Art as a Release” to hear Kamisha, Ray, and Khalid discuss their artistic journeys, thoughts on art’s personal, cultural, and social significance, and more!

R4J Panel (1)

Find out more about Refueling for  Justice on their website, Instagram, or Twitter, and go here to reserve a free ticket. If you are able, include a donation with your ticket to help compensate the facilitators offering their time, art, and expertise to the event. One ticket gives you access to all 16 (!) hours of events and programming.


Please share the event with your friends/family/loved ones, and we hope to see you this Saturday!



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