Artist Spotlight: Kenny Collins

Kenny Collins

Kenny Collins is an innocent man who was on Maryland’s death row for 17 years and is now serving a life sentence.  Currently he has been incarcerated for over 33 years.  His death sentence was overturned on a technicality, yet he has never had a chance to have a jury hear either the huge amount of evidence of his innocence or the extensive problems with his original trial which resulted in the state committing to kill him. 

Kenny uses art, poetry, yoga, and writing in his unique style to help him stay above the horrible conditions of unjust incarceration and as demonstrations of what he calls an “Epiphany-Awakening.” He has endured periods of solitary confinement, reprisals for activism, and serious medical issues stemming from poor medical care. This blog post demonstrates his writing artistry and presents a powerful explanation of some of the most important aspects of his case. A quick introduction to his case may help provide some context and we are hoping readers will join us October 12-16 for the Virtual Week of Action to say Free Kenny Collins/Black Incarcerated Lives Matter (details below), and that they will share this post, share his video and facebook page, and sign the petition below.  The movement for Kenny is an important part of BLM and even more urgent in the context of COVID-19. 

Some background:

The crime for which Kenny is serving time was a robbery and murder at an ATM in 1986, which involved both a shooter and a getaway driver. The event was witnessed by an off-duty police officer who got the license plate number of the getaway car, which led detectives to Tony Michie. A search of Michie’s apartment found shell casings like those of the murder weapon. Police also questioned a shooter suspect, Quentin Rice, but did not arrest him. Kenny was not a suspect at all until five months after the crime, when Michie’s trial looked unlikely to give the capital conviction that the prosecution was seeking. 

At that point, Michie was offered a deal to testify against Kenny, but the story he told at Kenny’s trial directly contradicted the testimony he gave at his original trial, which made no mention of Kenny and had very different details. For instance, in Michie’s trial, he claimed the murder weapon was dropped down a sewer, whereas a key part of his story about Kenny was that Kenny kept the weapon after the murder and showed it to others. But Kenny’s jury never heard about Michie’s original testimony, and the weapon was never found or linked with any evidence to Kenny.

In fact, there was no physical evidence of any kind that implicated Kenny, and the eyewitness did not identify Kenny as the perpetrator, nor did Kenny match the description the witness had given. Nonetheless, Kenny was convicted solely on the testimony of Michie and two other people whose testimony was obtained in exchange for a reduction of unrelated drug charges.

Kenny’s jury never learned about the deals the prosecution made for witness testimony, the evidence pointing to the other suspect, contradictory testimony given by Michie to a jailhouse informant, or testimony by friends and family of the other witnesses that cast serious doubt on their claims. 

Kenny’s court-appointed lawyer presented no counter-evidence and called no witnesses, even character witnesses, on Kenny’s behalf, even at the sentencing hearing where Kenny was condemned to die. Furthermore, the judge in the trial told the jury that they only had to be “reasonably certain” in order to convict, undermining Kenny’s constitutional right to have the evidence judged to the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” One of the three trial witnesses has since recanted, but this has also never been heard in court. And in Maryland, lifers who have applied for parole have never gotten past the politicized governor-approval process.

Kenny is a wonderful, loving person and a committed activist from the inside, but we need to get him out so he can finally have the freedom he deserves. Those of us in his support network are working on various aspects of his campaign, including our new petition to the federal judge who has for many years failed to rule on his habeas petition for a new trial. 

Please join us for the week of action and let us know if you would like to be involved in other ways, such as writing to Kenny, or helping with the campaign. Donations are also very welcome.

Petition to federal judge

Video about Kenny’s case


From Kenny:

This Blog was chosen to reveal 1’s Epiphany Awakening unto the WORLD — arisen from 1’s Innocents Wrongful Conviction, illegally threatening 1’s Battle-War-Cry, for Justice…Liberation…Compensation….

Enclosed are various <phenomenons> bestowed unto thee throughout 1’s allotted (32 1/2 yrs.) trapped inside aMERICA’S historical Abyss-Nether-World!  Hopefully the viewing readers <sub-Conscious> will both Awaken OR be Inspired by your chosen <likeness> bestowed beyond Truth VS. Injustice.  

I’ll at great lengths enlighten the viewing readers’s conscious towards “Man-Made-Flaws VS. Human Rights Liberties,” threw the recorded <portal> dimensions of our Time on Earth.  Please acknowledge this factual reality:  We are <born> into a pre-WORLD already plagued with the “Chaos…Corruption…Crisis…”

Now allow 1’s Epiphany Awakening to both educate and stimulate the viewing reader’s Conscious-State on this shared planet Earth, so at the conclusion hopefully you’ll join “1’s Battle-War-Cry!”

“Injustice Politrix”

By:  Abolitionist Kenneth L. Collins

Civil No. DKC-96-3278

Case 8:96-CV-03278

To the viewing reader, as you digress what you’re about to read, remember Maryland was one of 13 Colonies leading the United States <illegal> Chattel Slavery.   The 13th Amendment (Ratified/Politrix Dec 6, 1865) states:  Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a form for punishment of a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the <usurped. United States, or any place subject to their jurisdictions —-  Congress shall have power to enforce this article/politrix by appropriate legislation…

At the top left corner is my <case> numbers for viewing for inquiring-minds, who’re interested in learning more about “1 Innocent Abolitionist Wrongful Conviction” that’s been <illegally> holding me hostage for over <32 1/2 yrs.>, afraid to let society see not only “the Injustice… But Also The Proof!”   There’s alarming compelling Material Evidence establishing not only Innocence — but also “impeaching State’s Witnesses & Recantation Star Witness,” which was in the state’s possession but never <disclosed> by the State to both Trial Defense or Revealed to the 12-Jurors at Trial.  

Unknown to the 12 Jurors, Quentin “Peanut” Rice, Michie’s best friend, gave a written statement to the police, a mere five days after the murder.  In his written statement, Rice stated he was with the perpetrator at the time of the murder… Unlike my description (I am 5’7” in height, Rice matches the the physical description (a black male 5’11”-6’11” tall) of the fleeing gunman <seen> on the night of Dec 7, 1986 by an off-duty police officer who heard gunshots and observed the shooter jump into the vehicle of the other perpetrator, Tony Michie.  When questioned by the police, Rice initially lied about his identity, demonstrating “consciousness of guilt” and “involvement in the crime under investigation.” After initially lying to the police, Rice then signed a written statement stating that he was with Michie, the exact time of murder around 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, Dec 7, 1986.  

Sadly, the state of Maryland treated this terrible murder case with “Cover-Up, Corruption & Prosecutorial-Misconduct,” against me, not due to any “Proof of Evidence”…But solely on UNTRUTHFUL witnesses, that made numerous <stories> about the nature of crime, and who was actually involved…

<Newly Discovered Evidence… Andre Thorpe’s Recantation…>

At trial, Andre Thorpe testified that he saw <me> together with perpetrator Tony Michie arrest for the crime, at Michie’s request, he went to visit <me> and that <i> then confessed to him that <i> had committed the murder … in quote….

Once again to the viewing reader, please be conscious mindfully towards the various implement number {13}, being introduced in this topic of discussion entitled: “Injustice Politrix!”

One June 9, 2000, Andre Thorpe had come forward to stat that he lied at <my> trial “13” years ago, after seeing the news press coverage concerning then Gov. Robert Erlich’s grant of clemency to then Condemned Death Row Prisoner Eugene Colvin-El, who the state of Maryland was about to Execute….  Thorpe had called Max Obuszewski, of the “American Friends Service,” and indicated that ‘he had lied’ in his testimony at Mr. Collins’ trial ———  Mr. Obuszewski referred Andre Thorpe to the ACLU, which in turn told Thorpe that my attorney Peter E. Keith Esq. was representing Mr. Collins.  

On June 12, 2000, Andre Thorpe contacted my attorney <unsolicited> by telephone, which was a complete surprise to my attorney, too.  In the telephone conversation, Thorpe told my <attorney> that ‘he had lied’ at <my> trial under pressure from the [prosecution] to protect Tony Michie his cousin, who was being prosecuted for the the Bank Vice President murder.   Thorpe told my <attorney> that in fact, contrary to his trial testilying, he did NOT see <me> with Tony Michie on the day of the murder, nor was there any Confession ———  He then stated to my <attorney> that: hi false testifying had been “Preying On Him For Years, “finally leading him to come forward to tell the TRUTH…”. Thorpe expressed deep concern about the strong possibility that he might be Prosecuted For Perjury, if he came forward to tell the <TRUTH> at this time….

The Supreme Court of the land has stated that district courts must look at ‘Cumulative Evidence’ in analyzing Brady and ineffective assistance of counsel claims in determining “Materiality” and “Prejudice” under Strickland. Ei.g. Kyles v. Whitley 514 U.S. 419, 437 (1996).  

Quote:  Never Allow Circumstantial – Labels Define Your Worth——— Cause There’s Always Space vs. Time To Refine Self On Earth….  By:  Abolitionist Kenneth L. Collins

From the very beginning I’ve maintained my Victimized-Innocence, throughout the entire allotted (32 1/2) years, all the while “Never-Giving-In nor Ever-Giving-Up!”  Instead of its historical-tyranny deceptions, making my ‘Soul-Leak’ in despair.  It Transformed my “Spirit-Strength” into an Epiphany-Awakening, igniting 1’s Ultimate-Battle-Cry phenomenally…

I no longer view our Life-World like a: “Minute-Hour-Glass.”  Instead I see it just like:  “The Galaxy – – Universally!” Far deeper in it’s comprehensionable-state of acknowledgements, is how I’ve truly been Blessed in it’s rewardance.  The amazing ways are expressed through “1’s” unique-stye of writing, as well as examples in “1’s artistries, and lastly 1’s powerful-ode’s too!”

Not allowing this Nether-World to have it’s Dysfunctional-Powers over 1’s Spirit-Strengths is the <key> towards “1’s Longevity Survivalism!” We only get “1 Entity 2 Life,” so it’s vital to listen to “The Inner War-Cries” over all The Outer War-Lies, continuously “tug-of-warring’ with “1’s Life-World,” residing on this shared planet that we proliferated called:  EARTH———

It’s truly been a blessing beyond honors to share this blog with each viewing reader’s subconsciousness, in hopes to unlock “1’s” Inner War-Cries,” to truly challenge “1’s Outer War-Lies” against America’s POLITRIX…

“Stay-Strong II Live-Long!” 


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