Consent Form

A consent form is strongly recommended for any artistic submissions by people in prison to the Justice Arts Coalition. This helps to ensure that people in prison, and their original artwork and writing, are protected.

Below is a link to our consent form, which includes a section for the artist to complete and sign, as well as a section that needs to be completed by the person on the outside who is supporting/communicating on behalf of the artist. Please scan and send a completed form to the JAC administrators before submitting work by people in prison. If an entrant has already completed another consent form for his/her artwork or writing, please scan and send that form as an alternative. Artists who are not being assisted by someone outside can request a form by writing to JAC at PO Box 11065, Takoma Park, MD 20913. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

This consent form can be adapted by organizations and institutions planning to exhibit and share original work by people in prison. However, some Departments of Corrections, prisons, and universities require program participants to fill out forms specific to that institution.