Current Exhibitions:

Reflections from the Inside

TReligion, “All Kings”

Visit our new HQ at 7112 Willow Ave, Takoma Park, MD to view works by participants in CorrespondARTS, our multi-disciplinary arts distance learning program. While providing incarcerated artists with an opportunity for creative expression during a period of unprecedented isolation and uncertainty, the CorrespondARTs program guides participants through a variety of themes, such as community, trust, and respect, which shape the art they produce each week. The range of styles, mediums, and voices artists use in addressing these themes is what makes Reflections from the Inside particularly unique. This exhibition will be on display through April 1, 2023. View an anthology of works by CorrespondARTS participants here. Works by JAC network artists from across the country are also on display throughout the building. Email ava@thejusticeartscoalition.org to schedule a visit.

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