Art for a New Future: National Convening 2021

Art for a New Future: Justice Arts Coalition’s 2021 National Convening 

(June 24-26, 2021 online, 11:30am – 4:30pm EST daily)

The JAC community came together for interactive and embodied art experiences, skill-sharing, and conversation. Participants learned, created, and connected, harnessing the liberatory power of the arts as we reimagine justice.

Plenary 1: In Conversation with Nicole Fleetwood, Ndume Olatushani, Rachel Nelson, moderated by Sabra Williams.

Plenary 2: “Abolition is About Making Things” moderated by Mariame Kaba. Featuring Rachel Wallis, Monica Trinidad, Naima Thomas, Bianca Diaz, and Neta Bomani

Plenary 3:Poverty Scholarship: Poor People-Led Theory, Art, Words, and Tears Across Mama Earth” with Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia and POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE.

View the full schedule. 

All workshops, discussions, and performances aligned with one or more of the central themes and core values of Art for a New Future:

  • Art as Abolition: the arts as a pathway for communities to imagine and build worlds beyond policing and incarceration; art as a tool for advocacy, nurturing community.
  • Art for All: increasing access to creative opportunities within carceral institutions; pedagogy; funding; trauma-informed arts education.
  • Solidarity and Community: building and nourishing connections and resilient relationships across our network.
  • Participatory learning: learning through and within community, through embodiment, through creative practice; artistic practice as a tool for healing, growth, connection, and fueling our radical imaginations.

If you were unable to join us at the convening but would like to support our efforts, please consider making a donation to Justice Arts Coalition.