The Becomings of a Master: Canyon Run

By R. Zumar

I’ve never ridden a horse before even though I’m fascinated at the thought of doing so. I plan to one day if I ever get the chance. I created this piece for two reasons. One is just for the first reason I said above, but the other is a little deeper.
Someone saw my artwork, not this particular piece but my first abstract called “The Spread” and they said it was beautiful then made a statement, “What a waste of talent” she said. I’ll admit I felt some type of way about the comment but it made me think. Life is harder for some than others and it’s a hard ride. But I will enjoy this ride none the less. I don’t see it as a waste of talent, I discovered this talent in here and will make something of it. I got knocked off of my horse but I guarantee you that I will get back on it and ride off into the sunset regardless of my circumstances.

Canyon Run
R. Zumar

I am R.Zumar and this is the becomings of a master.


About the guest contributor:

“I’m Rayfel Zumar Bell known as R. Zumar and discovered my passion for art while incarcerated. I’m a self taught artist who strives to break into the art world even from a cell. I spend the lions share of my time thinking about and creating art, the rest working out and my favorite pass time, snacking :)! Through art I want to help others and contribute to various charities I care about; cancer, autism, sponsoring kids in need around the globe, and preserving wildlife.”

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Rayfel asked that we include this note within this post:

“The Justice Arts Coalition!
What can I say about The Justice Arts Coalition?
I could say that they do good work. I could say that they are wholeheartedly dedicated in what they do, but those would be understatements.
They don’t only do good work they do great work. They are not only wholeheartedly dedicated in what they do, they believe in what they do. They are not looking to exploit artist they deal with, they are looking to help the artist grow and I greatly respect and appreciate that.
Wendy, the founder of JAC, and those that work with her does a lot. This isn’t their jobs, this is work that they volunteer to do because they believe in the concept that people can grow to be better than they were. That when you give the voiceless a voice and let them speak their truth, you can bring forth the good that’s deep within them.
I trust that JAC will always do the right thing and I don’t have much in the world in way of wealth, but what I can contribute I will. So I ask of you out there in the world to contribute how ever you can. Even $1.00 can help in contributing to the cause.
I am the artist R.Zumar and I thank you all for just being here whoever you are. This is The Becomings of a Master.”

2 thoughts on “The Becomings of a Master: Canyon Run

  1. Todd Hollfelder

    Fantastic outlook!! While I was incarcerate I wasn’t able to keep that “smile” on my face or to believe that I still had a future one way or another. What happened after my release was unexpected. Guest speaker at the Milwaukee Art Museum. A semester of philosophy at Marquette University as a guest facilitator. I was very fortunate for all of this acceptance. To be able to combine my art with my experience as an inmate. Keep it up!

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