Upcoming “Art Of Innocence” Event

On Friday, August 21st, at 6 PM EST, The People’s Forum will be hosting a virtual event entitled “Art of Innocence: The People’s Struggle To Abolish The Death Penalty” featuring poetry, live musical performances, a panel discussion as well as the artwork and story of Billie J. Allen, an artist currently incarcerated in Federal prison on death row. The event will bring together a diverse community of artists and activists to help amplify the voices of those most affected by the death penalty. To learn more about Billie’s story and information about how to stream the upcoming event, please refer to this press release: ART OF INNOCENCE PRESS RELEASE. Some of Billie’s artwork is also featured below.

One thought on “Upcoming “Art Of Innocence” Event

  1. Wow, these artworks are like innocent masterpieces unknowingly crafted by the incarcerated! I could never believe my eyes that I’m watching artworks crafted by inmates! Thank you for being thoughtful about sharing these very wonderful works of art!

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