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Artist Spotlight: Chris Schulze

By Ian Trawinski, JAC Intern The visual work of artist Chris Schulze stands out amongst its peers thanks to the preternatural geometric perfection present throughout many of these pieces. Chris displays a level of skill which surpasses that of even the most finely tuned machines, those whose ability to produce straight lines, perfect circles, and …

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The Challenges of Pursuing Higher Education in Prison

Guest Contributor: Conor Broderick  Most college students would agree that there is nothing easy about getting a degree. Yet despite the hardships there are some individuals who are driven to enrich themselves while serving a prison sentence. Understandably, the educational playing field in prison is not the same from institution to institution. Pursuing a degree …

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JAC’s 2021 Wrapped

by Clare Walker with Hunter Isenstein, Jesse DiMeglio, Iris Lin, Ian Trawinski, and Robin McNulty 2021 wasn’t an easy year, by any stretch of the imagination. We all experienced losses, confronted fears, and witnessed the suffering of people we care about. As the year draws to a close, we’re giving our grief room to breathe …

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Artist Spotlight: Harold Johnson

For many, art is a pastime: for Harold Johnson, art literally helps him pass the time. In the midst of “prison drama,” he writes, art is where he finds his “serenity.” He puts on his music, begins to draw, and the rest falls away.  Harold identifies as “Kiowa, Comanche, Delaware, and Seminole” and is enrolled …

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Guest Blog: Dorothy Maraglino – Prison Society

by Dorothy Maraglino Prison Society If the local news anchor reported a story about eight women living in a 19 by 24 foot studio apartment, red flags would fly high about the subpar living conditions that might exist. Yet that is how most of women within CDCR live. There are eight women living in a …

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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Ann Bracken

JAC recently spoke with Ann Bracken, an artist, poet, and author of three collections: The Altar of Innocence, No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom and Once You’re Inside: Poetry Exploring Incarceration. Ann also serves as a contributing editor for Little Patuxent Review, and is a co-facilitator for the Wilde Readings Poetry Series …

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Artist Spotlight: Charles Finney

By Clare Walker, JAC Intern Charles Finney was raised in Macon, GA, surrounded by creative people of a variety of disciplines. From construction workers, musicians, and his dad’s cabinet making, to farmers and street hustlers, “growing up you had to be a jack of all trades.” As such, he has been creating from a young …

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Guest Blog: Dorothy Maraglino – A New Approach To Crime Prevention

by Dorothy Maraglino A New Approach To Crime Prevention Since the dawn of civilization, society has struggled to keep law and order. Modern times herald “tough on crime” campaigns. Society increasingly locks away offenders and even kills them at an alarming rate. Once a prisoner is released, society limits anyone who has been convicted of …

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