Create + Connect Online Workshop Series!

To all valued members of the JAC community,

Justice Arts Coalition is launching its first ever online workshop series! Given the tireless work of teaching artists and advocates across the sector, who consistently allow JAC’s community to be one of vibrancy and artistic celebration, we are thrilled to offer these workshops as a chance for our larger network to experience their creative gifts and outreach.

For this online workshop series, which began on April 28, we are joined by facilitators  who work within and around carceral settings across the nation, across various national arts and advocacy organizations, and across arts mediums and practices. We will be bringing weekly arts workshops into your home, including those devoted to creative writing, yoga and meditation, poetry, theatre, and dance, to name a few. The goal of these workshops is to invoke and inspire inspiration, connection, and shared knowledge amongst our community of change makers, as we continue to alter and rebuild our work within the criminal legal system, in response to the limitations imposed by COVID-19. 

As a valued member of JAC’s community, we hope to see you in our workshops. Below you can browse the offerings and schedule. These workshops are being offered as a “pay what you can” series, with donations split between JAC and the teaching artist facilitators. If you are interested in facilitating a workshop in our series, please email 

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (Subject to future additions):

Thursday, August 13

​WHAT: Freedom from Within-IAHV Prison Program Incarcerated Women Photo & Video Premiere

WHO: IAHV Prison Program

WHEN: 4:00 – 5:00 pm EST

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In this workshop, you will learn about the impact IAHV Prison Breathing-Meditation Program has on inmates through a before & after photo project and inmate testimonies. Through this lense, we will explore the value of providing this meditation and stress management to women in the US corrections system. This workshop will also lead attendees through some of the breathing and meditation techniques IAHV teaches incarcerated women.

IAHV Prison Program

The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) Prison Program became a Bureau of Prisons evidence-based program in 2015. It teaches both correction’s staff and inmates powerful breathing and meditation techniques used to manage emotions more effectively as well as reduce stress and anger. Since the program’s inception in 1993, it has spread to 56 countries worldwide, and recently data has shown that it’s graduates in their Indiana program had a 61% less recidivism rate. 

Gabriella Savelli, International Director – IAHV Prison Program

Gabriella began teaching in prisons during 2006 as part of IAHV’s Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, and became Director of the IAHV Prison Program (Stress Management & Rehabilitation Training) in 2009. In 2012, she became a prison silence course pioneer, and has taught  IAHV courses to both staff and residents in over 50 correctional facilities nationwide, as well as internationally. In 2016, she won the Washington DC DOC “Making a Difference” George Strawn Award. She served on the Board of SELA Red Cross, and is a graduate of the Office of Victim’s Assistance Leadership Program. Prior to working with IAHV, Gabriella served as a Department of Public Welfare caseworker for 10 years.

This workshop is being offered as “pay what you can,” with a $20 suggested donation, and a $1 minimum donation. All revenue will be split between JAC and the teaching artist facilitators, to honor their creativity, passion, and commitment to creating these spaces. We greatly appreciate any support you can provide.



JAC looks forward to your joining us as part of this workshop series, as we continue to build our community of artists and allies through these virtual offerings. If you are interested in facilitating a workshop in our series, please email 



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