This Is Me – Brittian Koty Osorio

My name is not the Shooter, the Killer, or the thief,
Its not liar, drug dealer, O.G or the homie.
Im not another statistic, Im merely a human being,
A young man in this world with goals, hopes and
Yes I made mistakes but the mistakes don’t make me.
And if you could look into my heart and mind then
you would see.
I’ve lived and I’ve learned, now I’m more than you
might think.
A Father, brother, son and friend, Im not perfect
but to some I can be.
You might understand better if you came up in the
Comin up where I did, you’ll take from another so
your family can eat.
I’m not proud of my bad past or any of my
dirty deeds.
What I’m trying to explain is I’m better than I used to be.
I won’t blame another for my actions, its on me.
I made the decisions and the choices to deceive.
Still, I’ve changed what I do and the way that
I think.
Who I was in the past, who I am now is the
new me.

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