Choices – Brittian Koty Osorio

Everyday you clock in you’re making a sacrifice.
To work on the frontlines, risking your own lives.
Mentally and physically ready to lose your mind.
Although you wear a smile we see the tears you hide.
Every segment of the news someone breaks down crying.
Because we see what you do to keep us alive.
Other people wouldn’t be able to make the same choice in time,
To save someone else’s life, be it yours or mine.
I saw a commercial that made me want to cry.
Because I see what you go through yet I’ll never
truly understand what that pain is really like.
All that fear in your heart yet you put it to the side.
Just to help others regardless of what’s inside.
You’re the definition of humanity and a perfect
example of love.
So allow me to extend my gratitude and support
to the ones
That are out there day and night doing what
you can to help us.
Together we are strong and as a nation we will
rise up.

(This poem is in support of all our essential Covid-19 employees. Even as a CDCR inmate, we still extend our gratitude to all of the essential workers.)

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