Brittian Koty Osorio


A Fathers Wish – Brittian Koty Osorio

I shake my head in disappointment as the sound of a gunshot screams in the night Because I know that with that sound comes the end of another human life. Kids killing kids over something so simple as losing a fair fight or A son killing his father for hitting his mother one too many …

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Black Lives Matter – Brittian Koty Osorio

My best friend’s son is half black. My baby cousin is half black. 2 of my nieces are half black. Do I need to worry that one day when they go out, they might not make it back? Everyday I live in fear because these are not disguisable facts. They may not be my children, …

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Choices – Brittian Koty Osorio

Everyday you clock in you’re making a sacrifice. To work on the frontlines, risking your own lives. Mentally and physically ready to lose your mind. Although you wear a smile we see the tears you hide. Every segment of the news someone breaks down crying. Because we see what you do to keep us alive. …

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Her – Brittian Koty Osorio

She was an ordinary woman when we met the 1st time. After 3 years I just knew I had to make her mine. She had pretty eyes and an unforgettable smile Plus a heart of gold and an intellectual mind. Jealousy and foolishness drove me to let her go, But if she could see into …

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In This Together – Brittian Koty Osorio

No matter what you think, you’re not in this alone We’re all in this together whether in jail or at home. These trying times we endure will help us love each other more. And we’ll enjoy all the little things we took for granted once before. Although we are many, in a sense we are …

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Mama’s Poem – Brittian Koty Osorio

The strongest person I’ve ever known, she did her best to raise a man, Tried to teach me right from wrong but I took my own path. Beautiful women, fast cars, loud music and lots of cash Yet right, wrong or indifferent Mama had my back. Now I’m stuck in a cell, tryna contact all …

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My Love – Brittian Koty Osorio

So many things run through my mind whenever she comes around. And there’s so much I wanna say that never seems to come out. She’s the love of my life and a great spectacle in my eyes. If I were to ever lose her, life would never be right. She’s never judged me based on …

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The Gift – Brittian Koty Osorio

I’ve been told nothing is promised but that’s not exactly right. 2 days are guaranteed, the day we’re born and the day we die. Between these 2 days is the time we call life. All the good, the bad, hopes and dreams, long story short, sunny days and cold nights. Over the years we accumulate …

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This Is Me – Brittian Koty Osorio

My name is not the Shooter, the Killer, or the thief, Its not liar, drug dealer, O.G or the homie. Im not another statistic, Im merely a human being, A young man in this world with goals, hopes and dreams. Yes I made mistakes but the mistakes don’t make me. And if you could look …

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“I write Hip-Hop music and poetry usually focused on urban life or ‘life in the hood’ based on experience.”

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