Old Friends – O.G. Blue

A slow walk down an open country road,

“Pause a minute to notice a nesting toad, “up ahead a bird feeds its young, what

a beautiful sight through the glimmering sunlight, “look there’s ole Uncle Joe’s Barn there as kids we used to trump and play for hours on end, “wow, I wish those days could come back again, “I remember it like it was yesterday when ole Uncle Joe would come out and say you kids better head on home now.

“I remember swinging from that big oak tree, besides ole Uncle Joe’s Barn there was no other place to be.

In that big oak tree, we used to carve in our names, to us as kids that was really big fame.

“Well, the country road is coming to an end, and it was really a pleasure seeing you again ole friend.

The mental picture on the poem, “Old Friends”, was how life was in what I consider now, “the old world”, when you could leave your windows up on a hot summer’s nite, a handshake between men sealed a deal. “When a man’s word represented him even bad things had a reason,” not accepted but they were less complicated and demented. When our kids went to school and returned safe and sound.

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