Inside\Out – O.G. Blue

At first I thought my mind was playing

tricks on me, “after awakening I said NO,

this is for rea homie.

     All day long I have the sounds of

nothing but keys “I say to myself oh God


     The turn-key gets to me but passes me

by, I could tell from the Look in his eye

he could care less whether I live or die

     I thought I heard someone call out my name

but it was only the fellows in the dominoe

game, “they said come on over do you wanna 

play don’t look so sad you’ll be out some day

     But instead I go to my cell and lay it

down for a while and as soon as I do I can see

my girl’s smile “me and her holding hands

doing something as simple as her walking

bare feet in the sand

     So I open my eyes as fast as I 

can now I know this ain’t the life for 

This Black Man

Inside Out is a poem plus the strife of a person of color living with the hopes of being a part of the American Dream, but due to unwanted circumstances falls once again into the clutches of a wicked American judicial system.

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