O.G. Blue

A Wonderful World – O.G. Blue

The Wonders of the World goes far beyond sights and sounds, “for a beautiful promise came with it “With a sound mind and a glorious attitude are the beginning of precious Life so delicate will travel through this World with Love so deep its beyond measure only to endure its endless and everlasting treasures All …

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Between Us – O.G. Blue

May the love between us be strong May the trust between us be whole And may the words between us be true May our eyes see one another And may our souls hold one another And may our wants and desires be as one And may the happiness we accumulate all through life separate us …

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Inside\Out – O.G. Blue

At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, “after awakening I said NO, this is for rea homie.      All day long I have the sounds of nothing but keys “I say to myself oh God please,      The turn-key gets to me but passes me by, I could tell from the Look in …

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New Black World Order – O.G. Blue

Hello! New Black World Order, Look around what do you see, “You see all Black faces, angry just Like me Sick and tired of Mothers crying because their Songs keep dying Look at your Brother, Look to your sister, the Love between us Is felt with the same, Heartbeat, “No more dying at the hands …

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Old Friends – O.G. Blue

A slow walk down an open country road, “Pause a minute to notice a nesting toad, “up ahead a bird feeds its young, what a beautiful sight through the glimmering sunlight, “look there’s ole Uncle Joe’s Barn there as kids we used to trump and play for hours on end, “wow, I wish those days …

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2 thoughts on “O.G. Blue

  1. thejusticeartscoalition

    Hi Felipe, if you email this request to us at info@thejusticeartscoalition.org, we can share it with our network and add your email address to our listserv so that you can be in touch with anyone who might be interested in being a reader. Thanks for reaching out!

  2. Felipe Dacosta

    Hi name is Felipe Dacosta and I have written a memoir called “Fish,” about my first prison term in California for attempted murder. I am in the process of getting it published, and I would appreciate any feedback from former prisoners or family members who understand the system. It is my ambition to expose the hypocrisy of CDC. Please, send me a message if you have any interest in reading my manuscript.

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