Douglas Earls

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I create paintings and drawings that I hope that viewers will be able to connect with on some emotional level. Though my subject matter may be diverse, each of my paintings have been of a person, a scene, an animal or an object which pulled on the strings of my heart in some way. Whether that is by eliciting a nostalgic longing, portraying an often-felt emotion or simply evoking awe in its beauty, they all somewhat represent me.


Read an artist spotlight about Douglas and his brother, poet Jordan Earls, here, and read Douglas’s 2020 newsletter here.

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  1. Mark Parscg

    Josh, brother. It’s Mark. I hope you’re out and doing well. I’m trying to get in touch with you. I have some galleries interested here in iowa and have asked about others I know. Des Moines has a huge art festival. Check it out!!!!

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