Troy Glover

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Crushed By The System – Troy Glover

We fought the fight for freedom Stood strong to support equal rights generously given for next generations all lost when we let go the light. Further our fathers have faded So sons now stand in quicksand growing in the gutter of gall losing their lives to the land. Wise women our wives and daughters Sown …

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Ebi ni mo fi okan – Here you lay down your heart – Troy Glover

What beauty is found in Prison What music from bars do listen Suffering is the sound From the madness around To quench Hope is T.D.C’s mission. There’s a secret people don’t know a sliver of light they won’t show a seedling on the rise fed by the tears and the cries by the blood of …

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I Will Not Let Go – Troy Glover

You may be lost        you may be broken You may be destitute         you may be disenfranchised                                                            I will not …

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Justice is Blind – Troy Glover

Justice is Blind or so I’m told can’t see a thing through that blindfold. She cannot see  color of skin wealthiest King or poorest kin. The Queens English status by words the ignorant by miss used verds. My place of birth my mother’s land whether I am woman or man. Adds to her choice which …

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Woman Of Wonder – Troy Glover

Here I am I stand vigilant watching over you day and night. Sleep easy brother, son, farther, husband, and know that I am here in this fight. Never again will you stand on knees and them on your necks facing your oppressor alone. No longer will they think you easy quota to fill their industrial …

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Troy was selected as the 2021 winner of the Eaton Literary Agency’s 37th Annual Short Story Award! View the press release here.

Troy Glover writes poetry, fiction, music, and card slogans.  His works have been published online, in magazines, small presses, and widely circulated newsletters.  He has an Associates Degree from  and is currently working towards a bachelors from Southwestern-TX.  His artware designs can be viewed at roninsworld

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