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A Mile in My Shoes – Anthony Billings

    A gathering among some placed in different categories.     They have all led different lives and these are their stories. I’ve been on the road all day and hardly took a break, Been running a triathlon that I’m hoping to take. I know I smell funny even with all this air, But …

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Inside Insomnia – Anthony Billings

It’s a place we’ve all been at one time or another. Not hard to get there for some, but difficult for others. So I know I’m not alone to say I’m with the latter. I used to try hard to visit but my attempts rarely mattered. Determination makes it worse and impossible to grasp; Even …

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Make Examples, Not Excuses – Anthony Billings

There’s been an issue that I have been wanting to talk about for a long time now. It is becoming rampant and I’m convinced that it’s contagious. I’m going to call it the “Give Me Complex.” Let me give you an example. Just the other day I was talking to someone who was interested in …

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My Story – Anthony Billings

Just a couple of years after birth, I was taken away, From my family that I knew up to that day Never understood why CPS separated us all Joey and Alice went together though and I am grateful for that call But my brother Jerome and I went our separate ways. Wish there was a …

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“I create a lot of poetry as well as inspirational articles. I have had a talent for it since I was a young kid but in the last 7 years I have really developed it. What inspires me to write is the potential positive effect my words can have on the reader.”

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