Inside Insomnia – Anthony Billings

It’s a place we’ve all been at one time or another.
Not hard to get there for some, but difficult for others.
So I know I’m not alone to say I’m with the latter.
I used to try hard to visit but my attempts rarely mattered.
Determination makes it worse and impossible to grasp;
Even mere thoughts of arriving ends with likelihood of getting smashed.

I’ve tried different methods all my life but the mystery still remains.
Not any closer to solving; I’m still bound by its chains.
Some consider it a disorder and others find it with duty or stress.
Old or young it doesn’t matter and it’s been known to beat the best.
My own experiences with it have taken a toll on me.
No visible scars on my skin and my pain isn’t plain to see.
It’s getting to be night time and that’s when my struggle will begin.
Another battle I’ll face tonight I always suffer before I win.

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