My Story – Anthony Billings

Just a couple of years after birth, I was taken away,
From my family that I knew up to that day
Never understood why CPS separated us all
Joey and Alice went together though and I am grateful for that call
But my brother Jerome and I went our separate ways.
Wish there was a way we could have all stayed in one place.

I lived with a lot of families but they couldn’t accept it.
I thought I found home at last, but each time I was rejected
Most of the time, good people but some were abusive
So I put up walls in my life and it made me reclusive.

I lost hope in any love and pushed down all my feelings.
Some guardian angels then showed up and their last name is Billings.
They love me the way I am and it wasn’t conditional.
Proved it to me in court where they made my adoption official.

Sacrificed so much for me and I promise it was not in vain.
Acted stupid too often and I know it brought you much pain.
Weird ways of expressing my love but don’t get it misconstrued.
Thank you for loving me at the time when no one else would.

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