Satin Magic – B.E. The Truth

JAC Volunteer Bruce Levitt reads B.E. The Truth’s “Satin Magic”

Liquefy sweet lady
within my space.
Her dazzling image
invigorates sensuous taste
attired in raspberry lace.
Together, let us caress
at an easy pace.
slow rotation,
breathing softly
face to face.

I’ll serve her
unselfishly, unconditionally
over the oasis of time.
Pampering, touching emotions
until our spirits combine.
Oil her physique, massage the feet
to the crest of her crown. Kissing
softly, my devotion fervently unbound.

She and me, spark into wonderland
sharing luscious romance
ignited in destiny.
Two wings soar above without fail.
My loyalty carries no betrayal.

Liquefy sweet lady
within my space.
Splendor with me
hand in hand.
Allow this rendezvous
too turn ecstatic!
Beautiful lady welcome
me inside;
your satin magic.

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