Art from Coach Gary

Dear Outside World:

I’m known as Coach Gee!!! Creative Arts with conviction has carried me from a 16 year old boy to a 49 year old man Lifer!!!  One mistake changed my whole life.  I’ve been given a second chance to come outside of myself and help others.  I’m blessed to be a certified official with all sports programs here at Labelle Pa.  I used this as a barrier to break the cycle and offer encouragement through art and sports to help inmates with stress and anger management!!  That’s very important because that’s what got me here so many years ago…please enjoy my artwork and thanks for the opportunity to reach out to others and make the best of life inside these prison walls!

Coach Gary Kyles

Gary can be contacted at:

Coach Gary Kyles AP5237
SCI Fayette
Box 9999
Labelle PA, 15450

12 thoughts on “Art from Coach Gary

  1. Nancy Little

    Hi cousin!! I don’t need to reiterate to how amazing your artwork is, because you already know how I feel about your awsome talents. I am still sending those pictures, just a little delayed right now. This is certainly a testimony that God’s work will not be hidden from the public. Keep using what God has given you and no bars can contain you. I love you cousin and I pray that your artwork and coaching talents not only minister to those lives that you touch through it, but that it may forever bring you peace and hope for tomorrow! I love you! Nan

  2. Celeste Kyles

    It is me again Gary, I sent you a Christmas card and it came back because I left something out. I want to wish you a Happy New Year, and with God’s blessing it will be one for you. Love you, and talk later.

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