William Brockmeyer

"I create more realistic images rather than other styles. A desire to better express myself has helped me develop my skills. And I'm inspired by how I view the world, myself, and how everything ties together. The majority of my art is either capturing a feeling/emotion I see in the world or expressing one from …

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Wind Walker

This artist has works that are available for purchase! Please contact info@thejusticeartscoalition.org for more information on which pieces are available, price, etc. Please put “Interest in purchasing (Piece(s), Artist’s Name)” in the subject line. 

Wesley Christian

"Throughout my life I have been regarded as an artistic person. I always granted special attention to the moments where I'm able to be creative and view the world through an aesthetic lens. It wasn't until I became incarcerated that I chose to further explore my capabilities as an artist. Initially I grew attracted to …

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