Wesley Christian

“Throughout my life I have been regarded as an artistic person. I always granted special attention to the moments where I’m able to be creative and view the world through an aesthetic lens. It wasn’t until I became incarcerated that I chose to further explore my capabilities as an artist. Initially I grew attracted to ‘hyperrealism’ (which probably orginiated from my perfectionist mentality) then over the years, with extreme patience, focused on seeing then integrating more and more detail into my artwork. My skill has been developed more or less on my own as I’ve clocked-in thousands of hours of experience and spent hundreds of hours reading articles in magazines and observing other artists here in prison. As time has passed I’ve become more receptive to other styles of art (abstraction and impressionism in particular) and find myself looking for ways to fuse them with my own realism. A few things that inspire me are nature, symbolism, and the inherent beauty of the female form.”

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