News articles include an array of topics and are primarily organized chronologically by year.

Listening to this Might Change You by Maurice Chammah for the New York Times (2023)

Art as a Radical Tool for Realizing Abolition by Abigail Glasgow for Harpers Bazaar (2023)

Interrogating the Criminal Justice System through Art by Ariana Marsh for Harpers Bazaar (2023)

Formerly Incarcerated Artists Bring their Art and Stories to Aspen by Jacqueline Reynolds for the Aspen Daily News (2023)

Art After Incarceration: Jesse Krimes’ CA&A Will Begin Accepting Applications this Fall by Emily Wilson for The Observer (2023)

Of Murals and Men: Carceral Aesthetics and Ben Shahn’s Rikers Island Project by Davida Fernández-Barkan (2023)

Race, Prison, Justice Arts by André de Quadros, Judy Braha, Krystal Morin, Bradford Dumont, Alyssa Jewell (2023)

I Organized My First Art Show From Behind Bars. Here’s How Incarcerated Curators Can Help Us See the World Differently by Rahsaan Thomas (2022)

Artistic Justice by Valentino Dixon (2022)

I’ve Been Incarcerated for More than a Decade. Music and Literature Set Me Free. by Elizabeth Hawes for Harper’s Bazaar (2021)

The Man Rewriting Prison From Inside by Jelani Cobb for The New Yorker (2021)

An Artist on How He Survived the Chain Gang by Winfred Rembert for The New Yorker (2021)

The Language Project by The Marshall Project (2021)

Incarcerated and Infected: How the Virus Tore Through the U.S. Prison System by multiple authors for The New York Times (2021)

“Exhibits convey incarcerated artists’ spirit: ‘No matter what I did … there’s beauty inside me’” by Rachel Zarrow for Datebook (2021)

Spotlighting the Ingenuity of Artists Behind Bars by Maurice Chammah for The Marshall Project (2021)

Through Cultures of Constraint and Care: The Relentless Art of Aimee Wissman by Amber Long for the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Magazine (2021)

Transformative Arts by Mariana Moscoso for the California Arts Council (2021)

The Breathtaking Ingenuity of Incarcerated Artists by Leslie Jamison for the Atlantic (2021)

Imagining the Radical Beauty of Freedom by Sarah Ross for the Poetry Foundation (2021)

Death row inmate designs garden installation by instructing university students through letters by Gabriella Angeleti for The Art Newspaper (2021)

Losing a Loved One Twice: First to Prison, Then to Covid by Jacey Fortin for the New York Times (2021)

‘Marking Time’ And Making Art In Confinement by Andrew Limbong (2020)

‘We Can Add Value to the World’: San Quentin Prison Inmate Rahsaan Thomas on Why He’s Curating Art Shows From Behind Bars by Andrew Goldstein for the ArtNet News (2020)

Bright, Intimate Animations Relay Letters From Prison by Anya Ventura for the Hyperallergenic (2020)

A Photographer and an Inmate Exchange Ways of Seeing by Chris Wiley for The New Yorker (2020)

In Prison, Learning Magic by Mail by Annalisa Quinn for The New York Times (2020)

Behind the Bars: A Week Dedicated to Music In, About, and From Prisons by Jeremy Young for Soundfly (2020)

A Historical Primer on Prison Music by Soundfly Partners for Soundfly (2020)

Speech (Arrested Development) on His Commitment to Recording Artists Behind Bars by Jeremy Young for Soundfly (2020)

Reflecting on the Impact of a Women’s Prison Choir on Social Harmony by Guest Writers for Soundfly (2020)

Making It in Hell: The Lomax Prison Song Recordings from Parchman Farm, 1933–69 by Guest Writers for Soundfly (2020)

JoogSzn on Recording Drakeo The Ruler Over the Phone from Jail by Charles Burchell for Soundfly (2020)

On Decoda’s ‘Music For Transformation’ – A Collaborative Songwriting Program by Guest Writers for Soundfly (2020)

The Story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Wrongly Convicted Boxer and Dylan’s Muse by Dan Reifsnyder for Soundfly (2020)

A Harmonic Analysis of Michael Jackson’s Protest Song “They Don’t Care About Us” by Dre Dimura for Soundfly (2020)

Thinking Inside the Box: “16 Bars” Director Sam Bathrick on Producing in a Jail by Guest Writers for Soundfly (2020)

Incarcerated Artists Are Making Some of Today’s Most Important Art. A Powerful New Book Explains Why by Alex Greenberger for Art News (2020)

How Visual Culture Is Implicated in Mass Incarceration by Jessica Lynne for The Nation (2020)

Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration: A Dialogue with Nicole R. Fleetwood by Caits Meissener for Pen America (2020)

By the Light of Other Suns by Janie Paul for Gulf Coast (2020)

What we can learn about isolation from prison artists by Janie Paul for The Conversation (2020)

Inmates share inspirational prison education stories in powerful new book by Stephanie Wood for The Big Issue (2020)

Ani DiFranco to Perform in Prison Reform Livestream by Claire Shaffer for Rolling Stone (2020)

‘I Will Be Heard For A Change’: Record Label Gives Inmates And Formerly Incarcerated Artists A Voice by Gina Tron for Oxygen (2020)

Solidarity Through Poetry by Mark Nowak for Boston Review (2020)

In prison, producer finds new voice for inmates, and himself by Mesfin Fekadu for AP News (2020)

Artist Hank Willis Thomas Projected Writings by Prisoners Fearful of Catching Coronavirus Onto Manhattan’s Criminal Justice Buildings by Sarah Cascone (2020)

Art of darkness by Greg Manifold for The Washington Post (2020)

Le Journal de Culture & Démocratie by Annick Blavier for the Conte et Société (2020)

When The Arts Go Dark Inside Correctional Facilities, Poetic Justice Goes Old School by Julia Dixon Evans for kpbs (2020)

Visual Arts Feature: Artists Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis in Prisons by Patrick Conway for The Arts Fuse (2020)

“It’s basically a death sentence.” Online concert series looks to raise money to get people out of jail by L. Malik Anderson for Madison 365 (2020)

Art in isolation by Eva Radich for RNZ (2020)

Sights painted from memory while in prison part of MONA display by Rick Brown by Kearney Hub (2020)

‘He left a different person’: Prisoners channel emotions through poetry by Scott Luxor for South Florida Sun Sentinel (2020)

Masks made for Cook County jail not distributed for Windy City Times (2020)

Riots and fear as coronavirus hits US juvenile centers by Margie Mason and Robin Mcdowell (2020)


Incarcerated artists adapt to changes amidst cancellations by Ella McCarville for The Daily Wildcat (2020)

This prisoner is painting jail walls with corona messages by Minhaj Adnan for The Siasat Daily (2020)

Front Window: Janessa Johnsrude’s Sheltering in Places portraits by Jennifer Fumiko Cahill for North Coast Journal of Politics, People & Art

Prison E-Readers and Tablets Should Be Free During Coronavirus Outbreak by PEN America (2020)

Connection, rebirth starts with behind bars education outreach by Brad Robichaux (2020)

A Necessity, Not a Luxury: A Funder Looks to Activate Art’s Power to Heal by Mike Scutari for Inside Philanthropy (2020)

Human Beings Together by Judith Tannenbaum (2013)

Beyond the Blue: Artwork and Writing from the Prison Arts Collective by Andrew Everett for The Key Point (2020)

Second chances to be depicted through animation by Joshua Letona for the University Times(2020)

Envisioning Future Selves: Reclaiming Identity After Incarceration by Brian Karl for A Blade of Grass (2020)

Exhibit explores impact of art inside federal prison by the staff for Littleton Indpendent (2020)

The Incarcerated Inuit Artists Who Carve to Support Their Families by Jennifer Bain for Atlas Obscura (2020)

New Exhibit Features Artwork from Alabama Inmates by Andrew Yeager for the WBHM (2020)

I Struggled to Help a Prisoner. In Norway, I Found a Better Way by Toby Tooley for the Marshall Project (2020)

Artwork reveals prisoners’ humanity by Becca Martin-Brown  for The Free Weekly (2020)

An Artist Finds Wisdom in NYC Probation Department by Rachel Barnard for A Blade of Grass

The Room Where It Happens: Performing Hamilton In Prison by David Seitz for the WYSO (2019)

What Does Making Art Do for Prisoners? As the Curator of a Show by Incarcerated Artists Explains, It Can Change Everything by Rachel Corbett for Artnet (2019)

Prison Art, a Dark Place Where the Muse Never Leaves by Jillian Steinhauer for the New York Times (2019)

How a Man Sentenced to Life as a Teen Became the Philly DA’s Artist in Residence by David Murrell for Philladelphia Magazine (2019)

How the 1962 Escape From Alcatraz Set a Precedent For Prison Crafting by Rae Alexandra for the KQED (2019)

Some of my proudest accomplishments happened in prison. How should I talk about them? by Alexander Hall for the Washington Post (2019)

Could Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx’s ‘Just Mercy’ Set a New Standard for Inclusion? by Brent Lang for Variety (2019)

How Justice-Involved Youth Have A Second Chance Through This Theater Therapy Program by Cheryl Robinson for Forbes (2019)

Tim Robbins Joins Cast Of 1984 At The Actors’ Gang Theater by the BWW News Desk for Broadway World (2019)

Grant to Push STEM Careers for Formerly Incarcerated People, Inmates by a staff writer for The College Post (2019)

Yesterday in Georgia, Women in Prison Regained Some of Their Dignity by Angela Helm for The Root (2019)

PEN America Issues Report on Violations of the “Right to Read” in Prison by
Sheela Nimishakavi and Ruth McCambridge for Nonprofit Quarterly (2019)

He spent 27 years in prison making murals he’d never see finished. Now, he’s the Philly DA’s artist-in-residence. by Samantha Melamed for The Philidelphia Inquirer (2019)

Creative Freedom by Gwynne Watkins for Reasons to be Cheerful (2019)

Teaching the arts inside a maximum security prison by Ro Parker for The Signal (2019)

“And What Happens to You Concerns Us Here”: Imaginings for a (New) Prison Arts Movement by Erica R. Meiners and Sarah Ross for the Against the Inevitability of the Present (2019)

The New York exhibition that reveals the power of prison art by Ariella Budick for The New York Times (2019)

In ‘Felon’, Reginald Dwayne Betts Reflects On Life After Prison by Carmen Baskauf and Lucy Nalpathanchil for Connecticut Public Radio (2019)

Literature Locked Up: How Prison Book Restriction Policies Constitute the Nation’s Largest Book Ban for PEN America (2019)

At Ohio Reformatory for Women, tap dancing classes offer escape, camaraderie by Erica Thompson from the The Columbus Dispatch (2019)

Prison from the Washington Post (2019)

Advocacy and art: “Prison Portrait Art Project” planting seeds of hope, faith, support for incarcerated people by Ella Widner from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (2019)

Second chances: Art in Action’s ‘Locked Up: Pain and Resilience’ by MacKenzie Chase from AZ Daily Sun (2019)

What Curators Don’t Get About Prison Art by Zachary Small from The Nation (2019)

Meet The Utah Artist Crocheting Her Way To a New Life by Ellen Fagg Weist from the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts (2019)

How a Prison Play Goes on Tour by Jack Healy from the New York Times (2019)

Outside Prison Walls: Waiting, Spinning, Flying by Brian Seibert from the New York Times (2019)

Reframing the Landscape of Justice with California Lawyers for the Arts by Alma Robinson, Charlotte Armstrong, and Kyle Kate Dudley from California Lawyers for the Arts (2019)

Prison writing exhibit ‘SEEN’ is made even richer with portraits by Jim Walsh from Minnpost (2019)

The Dancer Thieves: A Second Chance for Prisoners in Burkina Faso by Sam Steele and Lali Houghton from Al Jazeera (2019)

Colorado Inmates Take ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ On Tour, And Discover Theater As Rehabilitation by Avery Lill for CPR News (2019)

For the Incarcerated, Drawing Is a Lifeline by Hilarie M. Sheets for the New York Times (2019)

Where Art and Rural Incarceration Meet by Celina Fang for The Marshall Project (2019)

‘We Have Faces Too’: An Exhibition Shows Life in San Quentin by Jill Cowan for the New York Times (2019)

San Quentin prisoners reframe photos to share their stories by Anna Furman for The Guardian (2019)

What Incarcerated Writers Want the Literary Community to Understand by Caits Meissner for the Literary Hub (2019)

Can the arts transform our prisons? from the (2019)

Inmates and their children gather at first family dance in new program at Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution by Amanda Blanco for the Hartford Courant (2019)

Songwriting and singing help build arts-based community at Oakdale by Mary Trachsel for the Iowa City Press Citizen (2019)

In America, art is helping prisoners adapt to life outside The Economist (2019)

Silence Speaking Volumes: Artists Confront the Culture of Incarceration by Siddhartha Mitter for The New York Times (2019)

How a Prison Writing Group Is Helping Inmates Find Their Voice by James Bigley II for Cleveland Magazine (2019)

Teaching Art and the History of Tattoos at Rikers Island: An Interview with Tamara Santibanez by Lisa Jean Moore for Metro Politics (2019)

Expressions of Hope: Arts in Corrections program offers refuge for San Quentin inmates by Charlie Swanson for Pacific Sun (2019)

How Prisoners Brought ‘Death of a Salesman’ to Life by Seth Piccolo for The Marshall Project (2018)

The Stories We Save May Include Our Own by Matt Malyon for the Iron City Magazine (2018)

Alaskan prisoners make are to benefit regional nonprofits and find redemption by Alex McCarthy for the Juneau Empire (2018)

Prisoners Show Their True Colors Through Art: ‘This Is Who I Really Am’ by Johanna Li from Inside Edition (2018)

Prison art: ‘I never thought so many people would read my words’ by Tom Faber for the Financial Times (2018)

Shining a Light on Life Behind Bars by Ella Fassler for The Nation (2018)

This DC Author Wrote a Popular Prison Novel. His Own Story Has Some Big Twists. by Rob Brunner for The Washingtonian (2018)

Separated by Imprisonment, Siblings’ Self-Pub Photobook Reflects on Art, Freedom and Justice by Pete Brooks for Prison Photography (2018)

Capitalizing on justice: the prisoners using art to challenge the system by Caleb Gayle for The Guardian (2018)

Offering an avenue to redemption: WSU professor instructs prison art program to benefit California inmates by Alysen Boston for the Moscow-Pullman Daily News (2018)

Through his art, a former prisoner diagnoses the systemic sickness of Florida’s penitentiaries by Nicole Fleetwood for The Conversation (2018)

Ghostwriters: Inmates use theater to tell their story by Dallis Ontiveros for WKYMA (2018)

Meet Laurel Butler of Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network ACT TWO Program VoyageLA (2018)

Prison art market has its limits by Anne Hillman for Alaska Public Media (2018)

KALW Brings the Magic of a Radio Storytelling Project to Solano Prison by Eli Wirtschafter for the Association for Continuing Education (2018)

Freedom in Captivity: How Mindfulness Has Helped Me Cope with Life in Prison and Transformed My Life  by Scott Brooks for Everyday Mindfulness (2018)

Echo Yard, where normal prison rules no longer apply by Peter Rowe for the San Diego Union-Tribune (2018)

What Would It Take to Actually See What Life Is Like in Prison? by John Washington for The Nation (2018)

Making Musical Connections at Sing Sing Prison by Jeff Lunden for NPR (2018)

‘Our Minds are Still Free:’ These Former Prisoners Find Strength Through Poetry by Tyrone Turner for WAMU (2018)

Voices: Nicola White by Mary Kate DeLucco for Death Penalty Focus (2018)

The Ultimate Insider Art by Jeremy Olds for The Marshall Project (2018)

It’s Time to Talk Social Justice: Isaac Wingfield & the Humanize the Numbers Prison Photography Workshop by the Society for Photographic Education for Exposure Magazine (2018)

The American Prison Writing Archive by Gila Lyons for Poets & Writers (2018)

“Art exhibit shines light on incarcerated women in Minnesota” by Andy Mannix for the Star Tribune (2018)

“Photos: What People Locked Up For 23 Hours A Day Yearn To See” by Victoria Law for Gothamist (2017)

“These images capture the dream life of prisoners in solitary confinement” by Hanna Kozlowska for Quartz (2017)

Opera in Attica: Arias at a Maximum-Security Prison by Michael Cooper for the New York Time (2017)

Film Shows What Happens When Dartmouth Students and Incarcerated Women Meet by Peter Biello for NHPR (2017)

California’s ambitious arts-in-prison program celebrates its Santa Cruz roots by Wallance Baine for the Santa Cruz Sentinel (2017)

Tales of Self-Harm, Suicide Attempts at Valley Detention Center for Immigrant Children by Jessie Knadler for WMRA (2017)

“How death row inmates at San Quentin are using poetry to examine the prison system — and themselves” by Elizabeth Flock for PBS News Hour (2017)

Florida Inmates Write Poems For Their Mothers by Wilson Sayre for WLRN (2017)

“Tatiana von Furstenberg Curates an Exhibit of Art From Inside Prisons” by Valeriya Safronova for the NY Times (2016)

“Fridays with the Guys” by Erich Burnett for Oberlin Conservatory Magazine (2016)

“Written Through the Prison Wall, Play Reveals One Woman’s Experience of Solitary Confinement” by  Vaidya Gullapalli for Solitary Watch (2016)

“Inside a Maximum Security Prison’s Production of The Wiz” by Andy Campbell for the Huffington Post (2016)

“Poetry in Prison: Alaska inmates find creative outlet – and national recognition – through art” by Hope Miller for Alaska Dispatch News (2016)

“Mary Cohen Brings Music to Prisons” by Vanessa Miller for The Gazette (2016)

“Learning Empathy through art in prison: Miramar professor creates inmate painting program” by Gary Warth for The San Diego Union-Tribune (2016)

“Bookshop displays prison art” by Kendra Craighead for Campus Times (2016)

“From inmates to art students” by Jessica Cejnar for the Del Norte Triplicate (2016)

“Talking with … A teacher who unlocks prisoners’ inner artist” by Drew Himmelstein for JWeekly (2016)

“Jailed for 40 years, a prisoner reaches the outside world with his art” by AM Brune for The Guardian (2016)

Author’s Note on”HEAR ME, SEE ME: Incarcerated Women Write,” by Sarah W. Bartlett in The Mom Egg (2015)

Stain of Mass Incarceration: Exposing the Wound of My Father’s Life Sentence by  Ebony Underwood for the Vibe (2015)

“Boulder dance program offers women in prison a taste of ‘freedom'” by Aimee Heckel for the Daily Camera (2015)

OF NOTE Magazine: The Imprisoned Issue (2015)

“Women of York: Shared Dining” Press Release by the Brooklyn Museum (2015)

“Community AR in Action: Making the World Bigger and Being a Human Sharing in Other Human Experiences” by Bruce Levitt for Action Research Plus (2015)

“In ‘Whorl Inside a Loop,’ Prisoners’ Fingerprints in Tales of Inmate Lives” by Alexis Soloski for the NY Times (2015)

“What the Warden Doesn’t Know” by Treacy Ziegler for Broad Street Review (2015)

“When a Cartoonist Landed in L.A. County Jail, She Drew What She Saw, Using Only a Golf Pencil” by Elana Pritchard for LA Weekly (2015)

“Art Offers Rare Positive for Inmates” by Dana Littlefield for the San Diego Union Tribune (2015)

“How long has it been since you smelled a flower?” guest edited and with an introduction by Richard Shelton for Orion Magazine (2015)

History Written as Beauty: Incarcerated Women Write” by Sarah W. Bartlett, Wellesley College Review of Books (2015)

Barred Art: Reflections on a Prison Art Show by David Gussak Ph.D., ATR-BC for Psychology Today (2015)

“Community Connections: Bruce Levitt – Outside, Coming In” by Marjorie Olds for (2014)

“What does it say if dogs get better treatment than inmates?” by Spoon Jackson for the Sacramento Bee (2014)

“How A Prison Arts Program Helped To Transform One Homeless Veteran’s Life” by Priscilla Frank for the Huffington Post (2014)

“An artist sent prisoners blank postcards – look at what he got back” by Ariel Min for PBS (2014)

“What Kind of Prison Might the Inmates Design?” by Lee Romney for LA Times (2014)

“Inmates complete mural at Santa Cruz County’s Rountree jail” by Stephen Baxter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel (2014)

““Without the Wall” explores identity and incarceration at Philadelphia’s City Hall” by Rachel Heidenry for (2014)

Performing the Postcolonial: Philippine Prison Spectacles after Web 2.0 by Áine Mangaoang for the Postcolonial Text, Special Issue: The Parapostcolonial (2014)

“The Art of Absolute Loneliness” by Treacy Ziegler for Broad Street Review (2014)

“A Playwright Seeks Healing With His Work” by Felicia Lee for the NY Times (2014)

“Freedom of a Moth” by Treacy Ziegler for Broad Street Review (2014)

Dancing to Distraction: Mediating ‘Docile Bodies’ in ‘Philippine Thriller Video.’  by Áine Mangaoang for the Torture: International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, Special Issue on Music & Detention (2013)

“Prison Art is Taking Off” by David Vogner for Huffington Post (2013)

“Danish artist plans to gold plate death row body” by Phaidon News (2013)

“In Prison, the Artist in Skakel Came Out” by Alison Leigh Cowan for NY Times (2013)

“Prisoners In Solitary Confinement Requested Photos Of The Outside World — And Here They Are” by Priscilla Frank for the Huffington Post (2013)

“Young New Yorkers: Restorative Justice through Public Art” by Rachel Barnard for Urban Omnibus (2013)

“Sketching Prison Cells as an Act of Resistance” by Prison Photography (2013)

“Visible Men” by Helen Elaine Lee for The New York Times (2013)

“Young Inmates Find a Voice through Short Films” by Daniel E. Slotnik for The New York Times (2013)

“The Power of Poetry in Education” by David Domenici for JJIE (2013)

“Program helps lift El Paso probationers” by Adriana Chavez for El Paso Times (2013)

“Unique Writing Program Decreases Violence at the County Jail” by Heather Mills for KOB Eyewitness News (2013)

“Knitting Behind Bars: Inmates Escape Prison Life with Yarn” by TJ Winick and Jackie Jesko for ABC Nightline (2013)

“Death-row prisoners’ artworks: the story of a unique collaboration” by Charley John for The Guardian (2013)

“Fortune Society Creates Drama at Sing Sing” by Philip Boroff for Businessweek (2012)

“Photographing California’s Prison Art, Murals, Solitary Cells: A Conversation with Stefan Ruiz by Prison Photography (2012)

“Yoga: How we Serve Women in Prison” by Rob Schware for Huffington Post (2012)

“‘Prison Has its Own Arts Culture’: Curator Dave Adler on the Clocktower’s Poignant Inmate Photo Show” by Chloe Wyma for Blouin ArtInfo (2012)

“‘Mobile Unit’ Interview: Staging Shakespeare In The Prisons Of New York City (VIDEO)” by Hallie Sekoff for Huffington Post (2012)

“For Kids in Juvenile Detention, Creating Hope through Writing and Art” by David Inocencio for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (2012)

“Poetic Justice Project Makes Theater Behind Bars” by Sarah Linn for KCET’s ArtBound (2012)

“Sentenced to Shakespeare:  Courts and Theater Company Join Forces” by Simi Horwitz for (2012)

“The Last Words: Texas Death Row Inmates’ Final Statements” by Dylan Lathrop for GOOD News (2012)

“Writing Dangerously: The Cornell Prison Education Program provides a sanctuary behind bars” by Edward Hower for the Cornell Alumni Magazine (2012)

“Artists as Teachers in Prison” by Daniel Grant for The Huffington Post (2012)

“Prison arts: reflections from a curator” by Janie Paul for Play Gallery (2011)

“Good News Series: Youth Inmates Share Their Stories” by Hélène Biandudi for WXXI News (2011)

“Murals set free from Prison” by Peter Crimmins for Newsworks (2011)

“Beauty in a Prison Camp” by Leslie Newell Peacock for the Arkansas Times (2011)

“Don’t Hate the Player: Radio project reaches out to inmates and their families, breaking the silence around America’s prisons” by Marisa Demarco for the Alibi (2011)

“Incarcerated Women’s Play Makes Public Premiere” by Max Freund for the Daily Iowan (2011)

“Kyes Stevens and her Prison Arts Project Change Women’s Lives” by Ann Hermes for the Christian Science Monitor (2011)

“Rebel without a cause: Prison art and fashion makes its way into the mainstream” by Aimee Heckel (2011)

“The Boards: Life Stories” by Ian Frazier for The New Yorker (2011)

“Dangerous Worlds: Teaching Film in Prison” by Anne Snitow for Dissent Magazine (2011)

“San Quentin prisoners steal show with Shakespeare” by Kevin Fagan for the San Francisco Chronicle (2011)

“Safety Valve for Inmates, the Arts, Fades in California” by Adam Nagourney for the New York Times (2011)

“Art Helping Texas inmate Cope with Prison, Prepare for Life After” by Allen Hoye for Kitsap Sun (2011)

“Learning with the incarcerated Drives Students to Action” by Wendy Jason (2011)

“By Art, By Heart: The Journey of a Prisoner and a Poet” by Wendy Jason (2011)

“Unlocking Creativity Behind Bars” by Wendy Jason (2010)

“The Heartful Dodger: A charismatic ex-con lures at-risk kids away from violence” by Alix Sharkey for Tricycle: The Buddhist Review (2010)

“Artists as Teachers in Prison” by Daniel Grant for the Huffington Post (2010)

“A Chance for Prisoners to Act Like Human Beings” by Wendy Jason (2010)

“Some Day I Won’t be Alone: Building Bridges with Children of Incarcerated Parents” by Wendy Jason (2010)

“Writing for Redemption” by Wendy Jason (2010)

“A Stitch and Time” by Beth Slovic (2010)

“Collaborative Art Fractures Prison Walls” by Tikkun Daily for Alternet (2010)

“Graduation at Arthur Kill: Eugene Lang College Plays Vital Role” (2010)

“With each abstract acrylic, Pennsylvania inmate seeks to draw freedom to himself” by David Zucchino for LA Times (2009)

“Inmates’ show won’t go on” by Adam Bosch (2009)

“Time In: the life of female inmates” by Hudson Valley Press (2009)

“Changing Prison Stereotypes: Art Programs Open Creativity and Opportunity to Inmates” by Jerry Hames (2009)

Life Inside — Lowrider Art Show in Prison by Lowrider Arte Staff (2009)

“Flying Over The Fence” by Jessi De La Cruz (2009)

“Oakdale Prison Community Choir creates unique learning opportunities” University of Iowa News Release (2009)

“A Conversation with Agnes Wilcox, Actor, Director, Founder of Prison Performing Arts” by Jeannette Cooperman for St. Louis Magazine (2008)

“Painting A New Picture“ by Frank Rubino (2008)

“Arts in Corrections” by Boston Woodard (2008)

“Editor’s Column: Prison, Activism, and the Academy — A Roundtable with Buzz Alexander, Bell Gale Chevigny, Stephen John Hartnett, Janie Paul, and Judith Tannenbaum” by Patricia Yaeger (2008)

“Prison Art: Pañuelos” by Susan Frost (2005)

“Inside/Out: Prisoners Write Poems and Prose to Find Peace Inside the Stillwater Correctional Facility” for WakeMag (2004)

“LESSONS; Making Fairy Tale into Learning Tool by Richard Rothstein for the New Yrk Times (2002)

“Cellblock Cues: On the inside, prison music and theater programs have positive powers” by Tim Menees for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2001)

“Extension Artsreach Unlocks Inmate Talent” by Beverly Beyette for the LA Times (1985)

“The Law: Prison Playwright” Time Magazine (1973)