Art Behind Bars

Matt Kelly, the Communications Manager at the Innocence Project writes the following blog entry for’s Criminal Justice Blog.  Check out the site for more articles from a national criminal justice reform campaign:

Art Behind Bars

Published November 23, 2008 @ 10:48AM PST

This weekend I visited Sing Sing Prison in New York to see the play “In the Silence of the Heart,” performed and staged by inmates. It was an excellent show, performed twice last week for inmates and a third time for guests on Friday night. The play was made possible by the nonprofit organization Prison Communities International and their project Rehabilitation Through the Arts. (The image above is from a previous RTA play at Sing Sing)

The play reminded me of the importance of art behind bars. Art and performance programs are critical pieces of prison education systems, but they are often the first to go when budgets get tight, and much of the creative education in prisons today is fostered by nonprofits like RTA.

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