Celebrating PCAP’s 25th Annual Exhibition

by Absa Fall, Isa Berliner, and Melissa Wang, JAC Interns Justice Arts Coalition (JAC) is proud to celebrate the 25th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners. We invite you to view the virtual exhibition from March 16 to March 31 and attend the concurrent online events, such as an artists panel and a guided …

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Sketches from Inside

In January of this year, we started a Prison Arts Pilot Program here at Avery Mitchell Correctional Institution (AMCI) in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. We set out to do a series of 9 drawing classes with 15 incarcerated men each of whom are serving sentences from a few years to life. Our original intention was to solely focus on drawing exercises as many of the men were most interested in learning skills and art terms that others are able to learn in school. Over the weeks though, our drawing exercises turned into communal teaching opportunities in which all participants taught each other and we all learned to grow together as artists. More than anything, the men at AMCI would like you to know that they have talent, heart, and soul and do not want to be forgotten.