South Central

Please note: The Justice Arts Coalition does not offer any programs. The following are independent prison arts programs we have identified in this region. To learn more about the programs below, please contact the programs directly. 


  1. ArtsAloud-OSU at the John Lilley Correctional Complex, Jodi Jinks,, 405-744-3826
  2. Louder Than a Bomb – Tulsa Kent W. Martin, Program Coordinator,, 310-600-7099
  3. Poetic Justice


  1. Center for Community Arts Texas State University – San Marcos
  2. Blackout Arts Collective
  3. Prison Dharma Network  Miksang contemplative photography,
  4. Voices Behind Walls Lee Rhyanes,
  5. Truth Be Told: Exploring Creativity Peggy Lamb,
  6. Arts Field Trips for ProbationersState District Judge Bill Moody
  7. Children’s Prison Arts Project Birgit Walker,, 713.520.7661
  8. Gemini Ink Creative writing,


  1. The Northwest Arkansas Prison Story Project 479-871-4875,


  1. ArtSpot Productions – LCIW Drama Club 504.826.7783,
  2. Louisiana State Prison at Angola Arts and Crafts Festival at Angola Rodeo
  3. Blackout Arts Collective (504) 339- 3154,
  4. Music Program at Angola Prison Rita Chiarelli, 
  5. Louisiana Prison Education Coalition 504-233-2522,


  1. Shakespeare Behind Bars, Curt L. Tofteland,
  2. Calls from Home Radio Program Sylvia Ryerson,
  3. Bars to Walls exhibition Kathy Solomon, 502-727-7368,
  4. Northpoint Plays


  1.  Prison Art Project Michael McBride, 615-963-7483,
  2. LIFE Program Richard Goode, 
  3. Reading and discussion group at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, Lisa Guenther,, 615-322-7332
  4. Arts Inside


  1. The Core Arts Initiative Allison Winstead, 601-359-6546,
  2. Prison Writes Initiative (VOX Press), 662-816-4775,


  1. The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project  Kyes Stevens,
  2. “Corrections” Serial Drama at Donaldson Correctional Facility Connie Kohler,