School’s Out for Summer

“1956 Cadillac

I guess I’ll call this one “Schools Out for Summer.” This isn’t what I initially had in mind, but I wanted kids throwing musical instruments and the school play poster featured prominently, so I had to have a separate “performing arts” building. I know most High Schools today have separate buildings for various “departments” but in a lot of pictures I’ve seen of High Schools in the 50s, it was one big building- so this may be historically inaccurate. But I’m hoping somewhere back then there was at least one or two. I think that would be so awesome to get these printed into calendars someday but it’s financially impossible. If I did, this would be the perfect one for May. I need some wealthy investors. The musical instruments? Some ruffians dissatisfied with the band director decided to vandalize the band room. Notice how I have a janitor looking at some cheerleaders while holding a coil of rope, and the name of the play, AND the newspaper. In Your Face- people who criticize me. Expect more of the same. The bricks in the performing arts building started off too big and I had to redo them. What a long, tedious task! I think they came out well though. I’m no landscape painter by any means. Although, I plan on learning a bit, but those trees came out nice, didn’t they? I wish I could have drawn the mascot in there somewhere. But there was no room.

No real “moral” message in this one but I’m sure somewhere in the Bible it says something about taking joy in your accomplishments and milestones in your life (Ecc. 3:12-13 Kind of touches on it). By the way, the car in front of the Caddy is the back of a 56 Ford station Wagon. The car behind it is the front of the same Ford. I’m not sure that style of cheerleader outfit is appropriate for this time period. Something like that may have been indecent back then. I didn’t have any pictures to work from, so I went from memory. Like I’ve said, I always laugh at least once at some silly thing I put in these pics. In this one, I laughed 4 times: The alien, the Amish guy, the weird cult members under the flying T.P. roll but the biggest laugh was the plain Jane girl splattered with tomatoes. Bless her heart. Shame on me for thinking bullying is funny. (Because I drew it, that must mean I want to do it in real life.)

The cat is saying, “No, thanks Leon.”

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