Radio & Podcasts

Max, S. (2019) At The Nashville Jail, Inmates And Songwriters Come Together For A Day Of Music-Filled Healing Nashville Public Radio

Goldfield, E. (2018) Silence Is Leaden, The Revolutionary Power of Art Behind Bars  Act Out! Podcast: Episode 173

Chidea, F. (2006) Dramatic Redemption: ‘Shakespeare Behind Bars’ NPR

Chong, T. (2009) Unique Prison Art Show Vancouver Co-op Radio

Cuevas, S. (2010) Hollywood troupe leads acting workshop for state prisoners Southern California Public Radio

Demarco, M. (2011) “Don’t Hate the Player: Radio project reaches out to inmates and their families, breaking the silence around America’s prisons” The Alibi

Ear Hustle podcast Radiotopia/PRX

Erlich, R. (2016) Inside ‘The Box’: New Play Explores Life in Solitary KQED California Report

Glass, I. (1999) Lockup This American Life: Episode 119

Glass, I. (2002) Act V This American Life: Episode 218

Guzman-Lopez, A. (2009) Artist paints last meals of executed death row inmates Southern California Public Radio

Here & Now (2014) Kentucky Radio Links Prisoners To Loved Ones

Hill, R. The Prison Show KPFT 90.1 Houston

Hillman, Anne (2018) Prison art market has its limits Alaska Public Media

Kessler, S. (2011) The Arts and Prison Rehabilitation WAMC

KSVY (2015) Live From KSVY Studio B, Buzzy Martin S1 Ep5

Jacobs, E. (2014) Marking Time: Exhibit Shows Prison-Made Art WNYC

LaDuke, S. (2011) Rehabilitation Through The Arts – Sherie Rene Scott and Dick Scanlan WAMC

Lefrak, M. (2018) Singing Through The Jail Phone: Inmates And Undergrads Learn About Music Behind Bars WAMU

Lee, K. J. (2014) Will prison arts programs make a comeback in California? KALW

Lunden, J. (2015) Bringing Mothers In Prison Closer To Their Children, Through Music NPR

Lunden, J. (2018) Making Musical Connections at Sing Sing Prison NPR

Myrow, R. (2013) Tim Robbins: Inmates Discover Their Humanity Through Acting The California Report

Nania, R. (2018) From behind bars to the stage: New DC program gives prisoners a voice WTOP

NPR’s All Things Considered (2015) Reforming Prisoners Through Poetry

NPR’s All Things Considered (2016) Poetry Behind Bars: The Lines that Save Lives — Sometimes Literally

Pelican Bay Speaks (2010) Radio Play KHSU-FM 90.5

Pollie, R. (2010) The Poetic Justice Project: From Prison to the Stage The 7th Avenue Project

Pollie, R. (2010) By Heart: Prison. Poetry. Two Lives. The 7th Avenue Project

PRI’s The World (2011) Artwork from Guantanamo Bay

Prison Radio Blog

PRX Editors (2012) Tales from Inside: Juvenile Justice Stories

Richman, J. (2011) Prison Diaries NPR All Things Considered

Sabatier, J. (2011) Harun Mustafa Oregon Public Broadcasting

Sale, A. (2009) Transitioning Out of Prison, On-Stage WNPR- CT Public Radio

Schoen, C. (2009) Survivors Making Contact, National Radio Project

Simon, S. (2005) Singing (and Acting) at Sing Sing NPR

Thousand Kites (2011) Calls from Home: Holiday Show

Thousand Kites (2012) Calls from Home: Mama’s Day Special

Turner, T. (2018) Our Minds are Still Free:’ These Former Prisoners Find Strength Through Poetry WAMU

UVA Today Radio Show (2009) Prison Workshop Class Builds Confidence and Individuality

Velasco, Z. (2016) Art in Other Places, Episode 106: Arts in Prison Podcast

Waxler, R. (2012) Literature Lab: Convicted Reading, or, Literature in Alternative Sentencing Podcast