Rose – Monk

Long live the rose that grew from concrete When no one else even cared! — 2Pac Rose Mis-educated Life on the streets Drug related Loved and hated Still I rise Black clouds in the sky Through the injustice And the lies Still I rise Above virus and death, Knees on my neck I can’t breathe! …

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Justice – Gilbert Hamel

It’s a night I wish I could never remember. And a day I wish to forget. Tormented in my mind; Somehow I regret. Through my eye’s my mind, my mind could not decide to see. Somewhere in my cerebral cortex, it holds the key; Of what has become of me. Where was my common sense? …

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Need Rises Up – Jennifer Diaz

Need Rises Up from a bottomless well of longing, a whining so insistent NO amount of willpower can force it silent. They say the WAY to be strong when confronted with the "voices" is TO SHUTTER my ears fight the darkness, reach for the light, but THE WINDOWS are draped with memories of madness.

Captive Soul – Ismail Jaber

Riveted by charm obsessed and snared into enchantment and guile, words of adoration flooded my heart and a lonesome walk through the mist concealed my trail. Into oblivion I travailed the hike the elusive contour I so seek slipped through as I chased the evasive silhouette. Reflects of echoes whispered in my ears - "Set …

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