Victoria Page

"I am into music, singing, coloring, painting, and recently learning to draw. I'm good at creating skulls and roses. I practice off of what I see. My children inspire me. "

Vince Vader

Visit his Zazzle and RedBubble to shop for prints! ARTIST STATEMENT: Hello I am, Vince Vader, an abstract cartoonist with goals of publishing my first art book! From this, I'll build my fan base with my style of art, becoming something the art world has been waiting for so long! I am the kind of …

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Valentino Amaya

This artist has works that are available for purchase! Please contact for more information on which pieces are available, price, etc. Please put “Interest in purchasing (Piece(s), Artist’s Name)” in the subject line.  Artist Statement: "I would like to thank you all for this opportunity to allow me to share my artwork.  My name …

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