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The Godfather of Go Go by Harry Ellis Oil on canvas Whatever you do, big or small - do it well or don't do it at all!" That was one of the mottos of the late, great Go-Go King. Charles Louis Brown, affectionately known to the world as the Godfather of Go-Go - Chuck Brown. He is the originator of DC's unique genre of music, Go-Go. Born August 22, 1936 in Gaston, NC, like many Washingtonians, Chuck migrated north for a better opportunity. It was interesting to learn that we share similar commonalities. We're both born under the same astrological sign - Leo, both high school drop-outs and also developed our styles in prison. He bought his first guitar for cigarettes while serving an eight year bid at the infamous Lorton Complex for shooting a man in self defense. While in prison, Chuck created the signature style influenced primarily from African Drum calls, Ragtime, Jazz and Latin beats. After the hit song "Bustin' Loose" emerged on the scene, Chuck Brown and his band The Soul Searchers solidified Go-Go music as a new genre placing DC on the map with its distinct sound. Although he has passed on, his music will live in DC forever!