Practitioner Handbooks/Curricula

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Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION (2022) Envisioning Justice Activation Kit

JDPP (2022) Helping Hands Resource Guide

Levy, D. (2019) A Teaching Artist’s Companion: How to Define and Develop Your Practice

Allen, J. (2008) Materials for The Kindness Project, a course in mindfulness and meditation: overview, published in the Zen Clare Sangha newsletter; agenda for 8 week session; agenda for 6 week session; feedback form

Bierria, A., Kaba, M., Lenz, C., Michels, S., Munshi, S., Ritchie, A., Rumpf, C., Smith G., and Suh, S. (2019) Research Across the Walls: A Guide to Participatory Research Projects & Partnerships to Free Criminalized Survivors Survived and Punished

California Lawyers for the Arts (2019) Arts in Corrections Toolkits for Teaching Artists and Arts Administrators

CEEAS (2013) Words Unlocked: Practitioner-ready curricular materials

Crawford, D. (1996) Conflict Resolution Education: A Guide to Implementing Programs in Schools, Youth-Serving Organizations, and Community and Juvenile Justice Settings DIANE Publishing

Crayton, A. et al (2010) Partnering with Jails to Improve Reentry: A Guidebook for Community-Based Organizations John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The Urban Institute, Alternative Solutions Associates

Eddy, J. and Poehlmann-Tynan, J. (2019) Handbook on Children with Incarcerated Parents: Research, Policy, and Practice 2nd ed. Springer

Gold, R. (2014) Writing with At-Risk Youth: The Pongo Teen Writing Method (It’s Easy to W.R.I.T.E. Expressive Writing) R&L Education

Gooch, L. (2018) Creative Writing and Mindful Movement Program Overview From Four Minutes a Day’s Healing in Prison program

Hillman, G. (2002) Arts Programs for Juvenile Offenders in Detention and Corrections: A Guide to Promising Practices Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the National Endowment for the Arts

The Institute for Research on Women (2015) Marking Time: Prison Arts and Activism Resource Guide

Jones, H. (2006) Handbook for Writers in Prison PEN American Center

Lockard, J. and Rankins-Robertson, S. (2018) Prison Pedagogies: Learning and Teaching with Imprisoned Writers The Syracuse University Press

Martin, B. (2012) Lesson Plan: Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man

MBIE (2017) IPFI Librarian’s Handbook This can be used as a resource for prison libraries.

Mer, B. (2011) Arts in Prison: Lessons from the United Kingdom

Mid-America Arts Alliance. 1968: A Folsom Redemption Programming Guide

Mirriam-Goldberg, C. and Tallman, J. (2007) The Power of Words: A Transformative Language Arts Reader Transformative Language Arts Network

Prison Dharma Network Volunteer Training Manual

Robinson, J. (2007) Think Outside the Cell: An Entrepreneur’s Guide for the Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated

Rohd, M. (1998) Theatre for Community, Conflict & Dialogue: The Hope is Vital Training Manual. Portsmouth NH: Heinemann

Ross, G. (2020) Soul Journal Curriculum for CIP (Challenge Incarceration Program) or Boot Camp programs toward early release

Ross, G. (2020) Soul Journal Curriculum for Mothers in prison

Ross, G. (2020) Soul Journal Curriculum for women with long-term sentences

Schneider, P. (2003) Writing Alone and With Others Oxford University Press

Sobin, D. (2010) Art on the Inside: Understanding and Helping Imprisoned Artists Foundation House Publishing

Swanson, C. (2020) Handbook for Artists Working in Community Spring Board for the Arts

Taylor, K. Prison Wisdom: Writing with Inmates

Tannenbaum, J. (1989) Manual for Artists Working in Prisons

Trounstine, J. and Waxler, R.P. (2005) Finding a Voice: The Practice of Changing Lives Through Literature The University of Michigan Press

Vega, J.P and Vega, H.J. (1999) Words Over Walls: Starting A Writing Workshop in a Prison PEN American Center

Weissman, M. (2017) Prelude to Prison-Student Perspectives on School Suspension The Syracuse University Press

Williams, R.M. (ed) (2003) Teaching the Arts Behind Bars Northeastern University Press

Williams, T. (2012) A Therapeutic Approach to Teaching Poetry Palgrave Macmillan