Practitioner Handbooks/Curricula

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Lockard, J. and Rankins-Robertson, S. (2018) Prison Pedagogies: Learning and Teaching with Imprisoned Writers The Syracuse University Press

Weissman, M. (2017) Prelude to Prison-Student Perspectives on School Suspension The Syracuse University Press

MBIE (2017) IPFI Librarian’s Handbook This can be used as a resource for prison libraries.

Allen, J. (2008) Materials for The Kindness Project, a course in mindfulness and meditation: overview, published in the Zen Clare Sangha newsletter; agenda for 8 week session; agenda for 6 week session; feedback form

CEEAS (2013) Words Unlocked: Practitioner-ready curricular materials

Crawford, D. (1996) Conflict Resolution Education: A Guide to Implementing Programs in Schools, Youth-Serving Organizations, and Community and Juvenile Justice Settings DIANE Publishing

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Gold, R. (2014) Writing with At-Risk Youth: The Pongo Teen Writing Method (It’s Easy to W.R.I.T.E. Expressive Writing) R&L Education

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The Institute for Research on Women (2015) Marking Time: Prison Arts and Activism Resource Guide

Jones, H. (2006) Handbook for Writers in Prison PEN American Center

Martin, B. (2012) Lesson Plan: Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man

Mer, B. (2011) Arts in Prison: Lessons from the United Kingdom

Prison Dharma Network Volunteer Training Manual

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