You’re Busted – Gary Farlow

Here they come,
Walking down the hall,
They tear up our property
Going through it all.

Hey, Hey it’s a shake down,
The PERT team don’t monkey around,
Better not have no contraband
You can’t hide it from these clowns.

They yell lock down,
And turn the water off,
All dressed in camouflage,
Don’t let ‘em see you scoff.

Hey, hey it’s a shake down,
Lookin’ for cell phones and dope
Even reading your mail,
In prison you got no hope.

Now they’re here
Just outside my cell,
Thinking they’re real police
Making our lives a living hell.

Hey, it’s a shakedown
Come on C.O.’s let’s play
Count my socks and underwear
It’s just a typical prison day.

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