Your Laughter – Gary Farlow

Take the very breath away from me if you wish, 

    take all away, but…

    do not take away your laughter.

Do not take away the rose, 

    the delicate bloom of you,

    your passion, like the dew

    suddenly bursts forth in joy,

    a sudden wave

    of silver burn in you…

My days are long, my struggles many,

    my eyes grow weary;

But when I hear your laughter, 

    it’s like the very sky seeking me,

    and it opens for me all the 

doors of life…

My heart, in the darkness

    hears your laughter and 

    I suddenly glimpse you,

    my blood rushing, ears ringing, 

    because your laughter 

    is only for me, 

    like a life preserver…

Beneath the azure sky

    your laughter rises 

    to cascade like gentle rain

    I want your laughter like

    the flowers thirst on a plain…

Your laughter in the night, 

    at dawn, at noon,

    chasing clouds down the streets 

    of the sky above…

Oh how I love you and 

    my eyes close in ecstasy

    when I hear…

    your laughter. 


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