Where I’m From – B.E. The Truth

I am from liquid life,
From Alabama and Crystal Light.
I am from refrigerator taps and
Coolers. Releasing better and colder
Refreshments to go down smoother.

I am from cactus and watercrest,
My liquid flows worthy;
Hot or cold, I provide my best.
I’m from natural design, truly divine,
Our desire’s too please all human-kind.

From Elohim and Jehovah, I’m from
Nurturing the human race, services are
Needed when they thirst, or need to
Clean a dirty face.

I was told to flow from a rock,
Or split the sea in halve. And allow
Rivers to pour into the oceans. I’m from
Beautiful/wonderful thoughts, not of this
Dimension. With love that ignites the
Soul; and peace to never feel cold.

From the far reaches of time & restoration
Too fulfill your reality within paradise.
The golden tapestry, a chosen destination.

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