Where I’m From – Antique Soul

I am from canned foods
From sulfur and gasoline
I am from the creaks in the wooden
Floors brown and cracked, no amount
Of polish could fix me.
I am from the dandelions the wild
Whose untamed growth hides me from prying eyes.
I am from curry goat and dread locks.
From the tears of Audrey and anger of Toney
I am from the echoes of silence and
Shells of distance.
From cleanliness is Godliness, and boy don’t let me tell you again.
I’m from the Lord is my shepherd, the psalms that
Nurtures the soul.
I’m from the strength of Nanny, the Maroon warrior of
Black, green, and gold.
Ackee and saltfish with sweet fried plantain.
From the struggles my mom endured on her Journey
To migrate from the islands to ensure the
Growth of her seeds.

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