Welcome to the Bop.gov – Charlie Castillo


My mentor latched on to the “Jail within a jail” concept. So I created “Welcome to http://www.Bop.gov” cartoon. It’s two Cell-mates (cellies) who are confined in a cell, looking out. Thing is, there’s a prisoner who is also caged in a mental cell. (thoughts)

I’ve heard that the left panel alone suffice. But this is from people who’ve never been enslaved (incarcerated). To be able to look past your physical incarceration is just self-inflicted delusion.

But that’s the reason for the last panel. It’s a key inside the cell, not outside, and it sets the flow of potential free. I feel any raindrop (tears) has the potential to bring the force of the sea. Yet potential is nothing if not tapped into.

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