Welcome to Hell – Deidra Rose Vincer AKA Twitch

They say Hell is a place you go when you die, I strongly disagree. Hell is a place here on Earth, I know, I’ve been there and I am very much alive. I’ve been to Hell, it’s true, I’ve lived there and I live there now. It’s bitter cold and filled with angry voices, only the most brutal the Devil will allow. It’s a sad lonely place filled with madness, deceit and the sweet whisper of the Devils lies. Daggers pierce the loving hearts and even the most beautiful smiling eyes cry. There is no escaping the never ending maze, you see the Devil will never give up your card. Even the softest and sweetest souls are turned ugly and hard. The Devil whispered sweet nothings in my ear and I believed every one. Then sat back laughing at the wreck my life had become. But I’ll have the last laugh, there’s still hope for me. The Devil may lie but Gods truth stands firm. Here in Hell I might be unloved but in Heaven I’m truly loved. I’ve learned. So I’ll close my eyes to the Devils lies, turn my back from all his deceit. For my home is in Heaven with clouds beneath my feet. But for now my life is in Hell. Oh how I await anxiously for that trumpets yell. You see in Hell a person is judged by their beauty. False beauty, the Devils beauty. Beauty which doesn’t penetrate peoples souls, where their weak. In Hell a person will sell their souls in order to make a buck. Mother, Father, Friend or Lover. No-one cares who they fuck. In Hell false promises of love and happiness fall on ears where sex is all men seek. In Hell the stinch of unfaithfulness, unrighteousness, and manipulation reek. I can’t tell you how to get to Hell but I can promise it exists. I can’t tell you when, where, or how I got here. Or why the Devil put me on his list. Maybe I’ve always been here, maybe there’s no such thing as Hope, GOodness, True Beauty, and Love. For the Devil tells the sweetest lies then transforms into the most beautiful white dove.

Deidra Rose Vincer – Twitch

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