Watching a Thunderstorm from Cell 228 – Jordan Earls

The furious thunderstorm
has always fascinated me.
This remains true as
I climb into my bunk
in my dark prison cell
to watch the spectacular show
through my tiny plexiglass window.

The midnight sky flashes wildly
and, even through these thick, concrete walls,
I feel the earth shake
as thunder rolls, displaying its
incredible power.
The wind is a mad howl
(though silent to me)
that drives the rain sideways;
ten thousand shining shards of glass
crashing into my window.

Waking in the morning, I
peek out that same window
to see what destruction this
storm might have caused.

What I find is true wonder:
grass greener than life itself
and a sky clear, clean and pure.


Nature has such remarkable
lessons to teach us.

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