Vivid Details – Ari Morales

What is reality to you? What is life to you?
What is life for me? Walls made of concrete,
I notice every crack or gap in the walls, time
seems as if does not exist at all, confinement
consist of a closet sized room, everything
you own is suppose to fit, barely any room
to stand or space to sit, constant smells
of unwanted odors escaping the toilet, stains
everywhere of the prior resident permeate,
the grim atmosphere screams of all the people
who have passed thru, is this a nightmare
or is this my life, what is life, to you
dreams and hopes don’t stretch farther than
my imagination, justice is mental retaliation
to crush and shatter your every opportunity,
vivid details are my vivid details, shared by no
one, 16 now 28 you tell me if that’s fun,
walk, yell, jump, no just runnnnnnn.

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