Up!, Up! You Mighty Man – Aaron M. Kinzer

Resisting my thoughts of rest
Pushing against currents in carceral states
Crushing my passivity
My revolutionary spirit roars to life,
George Jackson-like
Tip-toeing tightropes in confines
Bloody tugs of war on my soul
Grays showing, now I’m old
My youth removed long ago
with the other cheeks turn
My yearn’s for freedom to command its place
Abandoning indifference, now I care
Slapped to a greater alertness
with each mugshots flash
This reality has crushed
past time illusions of equality
spurring me to act
in the liberty interest
that nature brought to me.

Up, Up you mighty man
Move swift as light
Take nothing less than
Freedom, Justice & Equality
Nothing less than right.

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