Untitled – Shannon Pride

Have you been shot & stabbed?
Check, Robbed & Stole alot Check.
Do you sell drugs? And have
kids who miss their father?
And a father that never bothered?
Check, check, check

The slots we fill stay refilled
No lack for comfort – the right sign
it seems to fit toe to heel.
Devastating all those souls buried in
Cold blocks & steel

From within this womb, this room
This campus – my wounds, my synapsis.
Replaying these happenstances – delay of life
Reruns of Steife have begun my madness

The dreams of a young child – just sadness
and ashes – all started from running wild
& being mannish, skipping classes – joy of being
In the middle of the classes on the
Avenues with my routine learning things it be
Better I never know.

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